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MOD idea: black scratch spell

DT.hak April 3, 2012 User blog:DT.hak

hey guys. im back. this time i thought of a spell, instead of an item. this spell is crafted at a crystal ball. to craft it you need:

1 cursed flames

1 crystal storm

1 ruby

1 sapphire

1 emerald

1 topaz

1 diamond

10 mana crystals

10 life crystals

35 soul of night

15 crystals

1 magic mirror

and when you craft it, for a whopping 50 mana you can make an explosion 5 blocks wide in all directions around your mouse, wherever it is on the screen.

the effect it has is a basic explosion effect, except it is black, lets of some nights edge like particle effect, and has dark lance type lighting.

also, it gives you 2 debuffs and 1 buff when used. the debuffs are:

slow recover - makes health stop restoring *lasts 60 seconds*

slow regeneration - makes mana stop restoring *lasts 5 seconds*

the buff it gives you is:

power spike - makes all attacks do 35% more damage.

let me know what you think of the idea. this is what i cane up with, let me know if you like it! see ya! <3

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