hey guys, i was just thinkin, and i figured what the hell, so im posting this.

its a idea for a special type of bomb. you craft this at a mythril anvil, and to make it you need:

400 wire

10 glass

10 glass walls

5 soul of light

5 soul of night

5 soul of flight

5 soul of might

5 soul of sight

5 soul of fright

250 iron bars

50 gold bars

300 dynamite

75 stone

25 silver bars

25 magic mirrors

99 levers

99 switchs

50 bombs

25 ebonstone

25 pearlstone

1000 gel

10 crystals

75 meteor bars

50 pixie dust

50 cursed flames

1 cobalt

1 mythril

1 adamantite

1 hellforge

and 550 copper ore

and people, i know this is a ton of stuff that you probably wouldnt want to use unless it was going to be epic. but let me tell you what this does when you use it.

and when you craft the shatter mechanism, the tooltip is: "even a gust could set this off"

to use it, you simply put it in your hotbar, place on the ground and them get the hell out of there, because once place, the bomb will go off exactally 30 seconds later.

the shatter mechanism has a explosion radius of a whopping 500 blocks in every direction, even breaking walls ( note: this does not destroy them, you can do and pick them up ) and does a ( insant kill ) 99,998 damage.

and i know that this idea is stupid and WAAY OP but i though i may as well post it here, not like its ever going to exist. so yea. thats all i had to say.