ok, I have an idea for an item called the teleporter. here is is:

you can make a teleporter by combining:
1 magic mirror
50 iron bars
10 silver bars
15 soul of light
30 wire
1 switch
and 1 lever

you craft this at a regular anvil (or mythril anvil, since they act the same)

you hook it up to another teleporter with wire, and you can have any amount hooked up. all this does is make it so that you can end up at any teleporter you have hooked up.
(e.g. if you have a teleporter at the top of the map, the bottom of the map, the far right of the map, and the far left of the map, you have a 3.33 chance to end up at the one you want)

to use the teleporter, you need to be 2 blocks space on ether side of the teleporter, (the teleporter takes up a 2 block wide area so you need to be in a total of 6 blocks to use it) and right click it, like you would to set your spawn at a bed.

the teleporter uses 5 mana to use, and gives you a 5 second debuff that keeps you from using the teleporter again until it goes away. (still thinking of a name, leave a comment on your idea for one)

so yea, this is my idea, i think it would be cool to put in a mod. if you have a mod you think you want to use this in, post something on my talk page about it. i hope to hear feedback on this idea! <3