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freedom MOD idea: inversion armor

DT.hak April 6, 2012 User blog:DT.hak

hey guys! after today's earlier announcement about the freedom mod, i thought i should let you guys know about one of the new armors you would be able to get from the mod!

the armor i am going to let you know about right now is....the inversion armor!

you craft the inversion armor at a mythril anvil. here is what each armor piece is, what you need to craft it, and the stats of the armor.

the inversion helm:

1 cobalt helmet

1 gravitation potion

15 feathers

30 soul of flight

15 crystals

1 reversal crystal (part of the freedom mod)

gives 15 defence, set bonus: "allows wearer to invert gravity"


the inversion cloak:

1 cobalt breastplate

2 gravitation potions

20 feathers

35 soul of flight

20 crystals

5 reversal crystals (part of the freedom mod)

gives 30 defence, set bonus: "allows wearer to invert gravity"


the inversion greaves:

1 cobalt leggings

1 gravitation potion

10 feathers

20 soul of flight

10 crystals

1 reversal crystal (part of the freedom mod)

gives 10 defence, set bonus: "allows the wearer to invert gravity"

so the total defence you get from the inversion set is: 55 defence! not to shabby eh? hope you approve!

so guys, this was the first of the armors from the freedom mod, i hope you like it. as you probably guessed, wearing the full inversion armor set allows you to have the permanent effect of a gravitation potion active, as long as you are wearing the entire set.

wearing the full set also lets off about as much light at the orb of light. making it not very good to have for the light it gives off. ether way, i hope you guys like this armor set, and i cant wait for feedback. as usual, if you want to help with the freedom mod, or want to use ideas from the freedom mod,post something on my talk page about it, and ill get back to you when i have the chance. cant wait! <3

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