hey guys! im back, with another freedom mod idea!

this is one of the biomes that i created for the freedom mod.

the strife biome! (name may be changed at a later date)

the strife biome is created wherever the corruption and hallow meet. it does NOT matter whether it is underground, or aboveground.

this biome spreads at 1/10 the speed of the corruption pre-hardmode.

the monsters in the strife biome are INCREDIBLY strong, with HP ranging from 1100 to 6500.

this biome also has a very high spawn rate, (that of the water candle and battle potion combo) so getting a break would not be very easy.

in this biome, you can encounter monsters from the corruption and hallow, (obviously) along with several new monsters that only appear in this biome.

some of the new monsters are:



hp: 1500

damage: 75 melee

defense: 45

  • note: they have the AI of chaos elementals, but minus the teleporting power*



hp: 2100

damage: 35 melee, 75 ranged

defense: 80

  • note: the have the AI of clingers, but shoot black balls of energy that look like the waterbolt*


ethral wraith:

hp: 3500

damage: 60 melee, 120 magic

defense: 90

  • note: they have the AI of wraiths, but are invisible, except for their green eyes, and they shoot balls of cursed fire at you, much like clingers*


well, these are the ideas i have for the strife biome. let me know what you think, and you know the drill if you want to use my ideas. cant wait for feedback. <3