Hello everyone! Over the past months this wiki has been changing quite a bit, I'd say the biggest change is the inclusion of mods. It's quite interesting seeing everyone else's additions they have made to Terraria. If you search Terraria on the Google play store, you will find TerrariaHB on the top of the list in my opinion in this the most comprehensive Terraria app on the market. However, I find that there is one flaw with this app. The fact that it is not a "live" app means that when something is added to the game the developer has to go in and manually add it. This means some content will never even get added.

For this reason I've started collaborating with noodlescodes, a developer who brought you a similar app for the Minecraft wiki . This app is currently in development but promises to bring tons of more content to your android device. One addition that everyone will be happy to know is that you'll finally be able to view mod pages, in fact, you will be able to view virtually every page on this wiki. This app will get information exclusively from this wiki because... well we all know this wiki is the best! We look forward to releasing this app and if you have any questions at all be sure to leave comments and I'll try to answer all of them. I'll be sure to announce when the app is released, and oh yeah of course this app will be FREE! <hiero>A28</hiero>WooHoo!

All credit for developing this app should go to to noodlescodes. Basically I'm just helping with some design features.

Dak47922 Talk 17:05, July 16, 2012 (UTC)