Terraria is such a wonderful game, we all know that.

Think back to your first time playing, or first memorable experience with Terraria. I'll go ahead and share mine with you first:

The first time I saw Terraria was when i was watching my friend play it on his laptop. At first I didn't know what to think of it, the style was unusual and fascinating to me. My friend eventually persuaded me to try it. So then he generated a world for me and "handed over the controls". I spawned on a nice grassy hill and then proceeded talked to my guide for a while. My friend pointed out that I should build a basic house before night falls. I got to work and the end result was a basic 15 by 5 wooden shack that was dug into the side of the hill. At this point I was still not sure if I would like the game. At dawn I set out with my shortsword and some torches to go exploring. I walked in one direction placing torches behind me (in case it got dark). Once I ran out torches I saw an open cave. this cave had various pots and what I thought was a chest in the back! I hurriedly ran over and to my surprise I fell down a significant drop. So now I was stuck in the dark unable to see anything and without torches. I tried for a good ten minutes to climb back up the wall, but was too steep. I guess you could say I rage-quit and handed back the laptop to my friend. "How could a game have such a big flaw?" I thought. It pains me to say this but I actually hated Terraria! I ended up not playing Terraria for almost two weeks. During that period however, I could not stop thinking about the game. One day I was bored and called my friend and asked him what he was doing. he said, "Playin' Terraria". Then all of a sudden I got the urge to play it again. I think I actually might have hung up on my friend and proceed to buy Terraria. Then Ive been playing it ever since! When I look back on this it is rather ironic because of the fact that I would come to own 2 Terraria websites, 1 android app, and become an administrator on this wiki! Heh heh. Well that's my First Terraria experience and I would not change it one bit!

Did you enjoy your first experience with Terraria?

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So whats your experience? Leave your comments below! I'm looking forward to reading them all!