• DarkAlphamon

    Who do you think that would win?When not counting the Twins,Destroyer,Skeletron Prime and Wall of Flesh?

    Light side,mostly living side has Slimes,Wyverns,Pixies,Unicorns....Bunnies...

    Dark Side,Mostly Evil...has Clowns,EoW,EoC,Skeletron,skeletons and even Corrupted Bunnies!

    • Count peacefull monsters as they bite for 1 Damage*
    • Toxic Sludge isnt evil,its just a slime with face*
    • Both sides have 3 Champions*
    • If you guess correctly and even tell how you got that its the winning side,i'l post your name down here*

    The One Who Got It is :__________________________________

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  • DarkAlphamon

    Terraria Ideas So,lets start, these are IDEAS and you can freely use at your mods / Whatever.I dont really care about it.If you want, tell a word - two about me.


    Dog/Wolf:The first tameable mob * The second pet in history of Terraria * - When you see a wolf you can tame it with a bone (From Dungeon Skeletons) by throwing it at him.Then he turns into your dog.Dog is a advanced mob wich can be ordered to guard,and will eat bones / Bunnies (Yes he thinks its walking meat) When he's following you he will attack any bunny,eat any bone wich you will drop.If he's guarding he will eat any bone or any bunny nearby him.He will attack mob really close to him.But beware he's not a immortal.Much like NPC's, he will have random name.

    Domestical Anima…

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