Terraria Ideas So,lets start, these are IDEAS and you can freely use at your mods / Whatever.I dont really care about it.If you want, tell a word - two about me.


Dog/Wolf:The first tameable mob * The second pet in history of Terraria * - When you see a wolf you can tame it with a bone (From Dungeon Skeletons) by throwing it at him.Then he turns into your dog.Dog is a advanced mob wich can be ordered to guard,and will eat bones / Bunnies (Yes he thinks its walking meat) When he's following you he will attack any bunny,eat any bone wich you will drop.If he's guarding he will eat any bone or any bunny nearby him.He will attack mob really close to him.But beware he's not a immortal.Much like NPC's, he will have random name.

Domestical Animals (Cows,pig,sheep,chicken,goats):You can meet them wandering around , just like a bunny.How to tame them?Find some wheat (Or whatever crop,carrot maybe?) and tame them.Then you can have Meat,milk,eggs,Porkchops,feather (Yes,now used for crafting normal arrow). You can breed them,and make a baby wich will grow in 3 Days.*Cough* Terraria Days.

Ogres:Block smashing ogres will be killing you with their strong fist,or maybe even club and war axe.But ogres are dumb and ignore all spaces,they dont jump.Well they dont jump unless you are higher.The breaking blocks are not wery nice.They dont destroy ores (Too Much Shiny) and Ebonstone (Too much hard) BUT!They get upgraded on hard mode.They can be corrupted.That will make them break any block else than ore (Hellstone,cobalt,mythril and adamantite).But since they are strong,they are uncommon (Like undead miners).Oh yeah,they dont spawn on surface.You dont want them break your house, do you?

Friendly NPCs:Humans : They move in your map,conditions are much like Goblin Invasion.They start cutting trees,mining.building,hunting and surviving.You should protect them earlier,but after that you should protect them only from one thing:Corruption.They get corrupted (Much like politics) when they enter it.Not that they would build walls,but they sometimes step on it when its a child/Dumb One.If they are on hallow,they will give you gifts,and never attack you.If on normal,they are random in doing things.If on snow,they will be slow in building,but endure much better.and their state depends on biomes nearby.They dont live on desert/dungeons/meteorite/floating islands.But they can live in jungle.They will be tribal and territorial.Not saying,but they will be 95% Hostile.And on corruption,they will mostly destroy themself and if you go near them,they will attack you too.

Hallow Mobs:Should be friendly,unless you attack them.

Dragons:Skyrim time?They breathe fire ,ice , earth, lighting ,air and Pure Mana.Oh,and i dont talk about rare Star Drake.They can be tamed as babies.

Places:Volcano:Did i say Lava?No i didnt.This place randomly errupts,throwing out fire explosive blocks and after that the lava is pushed out.

Ice Hill:Cold...cold..Sma...Big High Dungeon,with some boss at end.

Dungeon:Jail,with zombies.....torturing rooms..traps all you find here..

Pirate Island:When you travel on sea with boat,you can get here 1/20 Chance.A pirate ship is here too.Just kill the pirates and get their treasure.Or zombie pirates.You decide.

Volcano Island:Also when you go with boat on sea.A island,maybe with a tribe wich could errupt any time...


Slime Rising:Spawns LOTS of hostile slimes,maybe even not the normal ones.If you survive,prepare to face the slime king.

Sunny Day:No monsters will attack you on surface...and mobs underground spawn at 1/2 rate.Same chance as BM.You cant kill any bunnies / Goldfishes...

Meteorite Rain:Meteorite heads raining?No that would be too bad...but it is bad...these are just small mobs named meteorite ...killing them or being near causes them to spawn meteorite heads.Oh yeah,they explode the ground on impact.

Rise of Hallow:All hallow will turn ebonstone into hallowed stone and etc.

Rise of Corruption:Think what..

Goblin Siege:Goblin invasion...but better...they bring catapult and even their king is present.

Bloody Rain:All water turns into blood...and it will start raining..blood...and Demon Eyes....possibly EoC and EoW....and maybe even Twins....

Rain: :|

Storm:Randomly striking lightning...only when a home is present..and better be can instant kill you,no matter of what.Mobs dont spawn in exteriors too....

Items / blocks

Bunny Tamer:More varieties of gems

Here you have it!

Aquamarine - Blue Color.Used to make Blue Phaseblade and can be crafted into Gem Armor,wich is new too.(Scroll down)

Garnet - Brown Color.Not used to make Phaseblade,but is used to craft Gem Armor.

Tigerseye - Orange ' n ' Black color.Used to make Black'n'Orange Phaseblade and Gem Armor.

Mixed Gem Ignot - Crafted from all gems and a gold bar.Looks Legit too.

Gem Armor - Crafted from 20 Mixed Gem Ignots (Chest) 15 (Legs) 10 (Helm) Bonuses:No Defence,but + 25% Damage Increase(Set Bonus) Crazy Colors (Umm...Vanity Look) and You emit light , no matter if you have vanity item or Invis Potion.Also you take 10% More Damage,so it is good set for dealing damage,but if you get hit....

Display Case - Needs some wood and glass.Can hold any items inside.(You can see them from outside..) good for Stores!

Thats enough.....if i didnt write what is ex.boat...YOU have to think it..not me...