• DarkAlphamonX

    Terraria Ideas

    January 1, 2012 by DarkAlphamonX

    What should be in game(PS:write if you have any GOOD idea and you can write,or comment my ideas.):

    Pets:Normaly found as example:Trapped dog etc.,or you can just tame one wild.however only one max.

    Slime - can absorb up to 10 items(Additional backpack)

    Bunny - Digs holes (Mining help),extra fast dirt miner!(Better than hamdrax)

    Bird - Every few seconds disatracts an enemy

    Cat - This cute cat can protect you from attack.(Who would hurt a cute cat)

    Dog - Deals damage,if youre almost killed deals double damage

    Worm - Digs hole under enemies,making them to be trapped in it

    Fish - This fish will only appear when you go swimming,and it will make you faster in water + you will have more breath

    Horse- Ride on this horse.

    Bat - Is there a item lying around?O…

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