What should be in game(PS:write if you have any GOOD idea and you can write,or comment my ideas.):

Pets:Normaly found as example:Trapped dog etc.,or you can just tame one wild.however only one max.

Slime - can absorb up to 10 items(Additional backpack)

Bunny - Digs holes (Mining help),extra fast dirt miner!(Better than hamdrax)

Bird - Every few seconds disatracts an enemy

Cat - This cute cat can protect you from attack.(Who would hurt a cute cat)

Dog - Deals damage,if youre almost killed deals double damage

Worm - Digs hole under enemies,making them to be trapped in it

Fish - This fish will only appear when you go swimming,and it will make you faster in water + you will have more breath

Horse- Ride on this horse.

Bat - Is there a item lying around?Or chest?Bat will find it,and if it is item it will carry it to you!

Hard Mode -only Pets:Needs to be tamed in some special way(Give it some food,etc.)

Pixie - Hey!Look!Listen! This pixie is like this,however it gives light also.

Unicorn - can you ride on horse?Then ride on this unicorn! It will charge on enemies dealing damage.

Goldfish - This fish gives you speed in water and gives small light.

Evil Worm - What? Evil worm?It will burrow enemies in dirt and then it suffocates them!

Corrupted Bunny - Can dig dirt extra fast,and digs stone too.

Possessed Bird - This bird will not only disatract,but if ordered it will make enemy lost,so it will never come back.

Hell Cat -That is a cute cat,wait ?Cute?Not so long!This hell cat will be first cute and then it will damage enemies!

Holy Dog - He got more bite than bark.Chews enemies hard!If you got hp lower than 10 he will deal 4x dmg

Big Slime - Need inventory? 30 extra slots!

Glowing bat - Like normal bat,however it will give light.(and change colors!)

Exclusive rare ones(Hard mode only !)You almost cant tame it.However if you do its a good pet!

Jungle Panther - Thats a nice cat,wonder what happens if i touch it...yes,it will make short work of you!However if you can tame it you get a nice offensive pet!

Corrupted Unicorn - Why is this unicorn purple?Because it deals lots of damage to enemies,however it also deals some damage to rider.(If he dont got shadowscale armor,and if he got hallowed armor,then it deals more damage)

Demonic Pixie - Tired of fairy yelling Hey! and that other ....?This pixie burns enemies into piles of ashes!

King Slime´s Big slime- royal slime?You dont care,its extra 70 slots for you!


Dart trap not only shoting on sides,but from up or down!

Active STONE blocks?Boo!Only stone?I want to have it some kind of brick or... maybe..nevermind,you should just craft active block and then place block on it and ta da!Works with inactive and walls too.

Only - wire doors

Tired of monsters?Use our flaming machine!It puts fire on top of it when it gets power!Or do you want to test our new turret that shoots when it gets power?And some ammo of course..

Only monster and only player pressure plates

Items just drop down?NO!Now you can make them move on sides with our transport pipes!


Corruption ? WHAT!?No,hallow dont got chance!One corruption becomes hallow and the other one stays!And also,when you destroy altar it creates firstly corruption,then hallow,and it will always create that what got lower world control!

Ocean too small?Are you fish?Maybe,however ocean IS small,so extend it like 3 times

New Biomes:

If you reach end of the ocean,you encounter a strange island, if you got boat and defeated WOF,you can see some sea bellow it! yes,if you get a boat and travel you will arive to new world!What one?

The World of Darkness and Light (Dungeon side)

Two areas:

Darkness:Controls the other side than you arive,you cant mine here!You must go in the fortress and find items in chests!



Layer made of Dark dirt

Dark slime 150 hp,hits for 60,def 20(paralyzes)

Fallen - 100 hp,hits for 50,no def(Acts like zombie)

Fallen archer - 80 hp,hits for 70,def -20(!)(Fallen arrows,they have dmg like cursed ones)

Fallen Angel - 400 hp,hits for 100,def -50 (Fallen cant die - ressurects others fallen)

Layer made of Darkstone

Dark Skeleton - 150 hp,hits for 10-100,def 40(half knockback)

Dark Skeleton archer- 130 hp,hits for 30-120,def 20(Death arrows-paralyze and dmg like cursed ones)

Dark Skeleton Armored-500 hp,hits for 100-300,def 40(Yeah,he is slow but no knocback on him!)

Dark Skeleton Titan-2000 hp,hits you so hard you die,def 60(Hes slow,however nasty , he breaks all blocks in his way and also no knockback to him/it)

Darkbat- 50 hp,40 dmg,0 def (Comes in swarms,applies confuse that stacks,if you reach 100 stacks,you get mass confusion for 50 sec,that prevents you from attacking and switching controls(Space=Down key,Down key=space,right key=left etc.)

In this layer,Dark fortress can be found:All monsters have chance to drop Dark Key(Used to open chests in storage rooms)

Dark Soldier - Hp 400,dmg 100,def 50 (and if he hits you you might be cursed(No items for 3 secs)

Dark Archer - HP 250,Dmg 150,def 0(Uses Death arrows)

Dark Elite - Hp 600,Dmg 150/Ranged 100,def 50(Fires Elite Death Arrows(2x dmg than normal) on distance,cursed attack on close)

Dark Angel - Hp 2000,dmg 200/ranged 200/Nova 50,def 70(Has ranged attack(Fires Darkbolt) and dark nova(Damages everything around it,both spells paralyze,and close attack applies 100%Curse and paralyze)

Dark Mimic - Hp 1000,dmg 300,def -500(Takes extra 250 damage,so its HP is only to scare you!And it will become mob (Of course it will eat the key) if you try to open it)

Layer made of Hell darkstone

all monsters are 3x stronger,so i wont write:

Dark demon,Dark serpent,Hell Darkbat,Dark Imp


Dark Skeleton God-Like titan,however 3x more hp

Dark Angel Prime - He got 10000HP,however he hits for half,and when at 100 hp he will fire projectiles that dmg for 2000 but have only one hp

Fallen Hero-He got only 5000 hp,but why he would bother with you?Instead,he summons monsters from dark fortress,and he gets damage (Per one 10)if he got 500 hp,he will turn into Dark Angel Prime,and then if you kill it,he will got only one hp,so,he summons

Dark Hero - hp 70000 ,damage 40(Notice rapid fire),Def 0(however he is a player,so he takes 2x damage but you also!)

Now how they are summoned:Dark shrine,you will find it in a fortress,and each of bosses requies the item from their small brother,and the Dark Skeleton God,will be summoned if you get into Dark underworld.(And the others must be summoned at dark shrine.)

Items:(no need to click , they are like excalibur)

Elite Dark Lance-Dmg 100,reach 20 blocks,very fast

Elite Nights edge-Dmg 150,reach 5 blocks,Fast

Excalibur´s Dark shard

Elite Dark armor-Headgear 5 armor (set bonus: +20%Magic Dmg,Reduced mana usage,Mana regeneration)

Helmet 40 armor (set bonus: +20% Meele Dmg,+20%Meele speed.HP regen)

Mask 15 armor(set bonus: +20%Ranged dmg,+20%Ranged speed,you will fire Elite Dark Arrows instead of normal ones,and elite dark bullets o curse)

Armor 50 armor + Health regeneration

Boots 20 armor + speed +50%

Dark Drill- Mines stone in this world

Dark Hammer-For Dark Doors,Dark walls

Dark Chainsaw- ya know,trees in this world

Darkdrax-Hamdrax but it will also mine here !(crafted at Dark Shrine with these 3)

And also note:If you put one block of darkdirt in your world,it will be spreaded over whole world in about one minute,so dont do it!