• DarkSyross

    HELLO! I want you guys to join my server. But it would also help to be able to join YOUR server. Mainly because my computer can't take all too much. We can play on mine, and I'll teach you how to make your own so I can help with your world. I am a great fighter and builder and have been with Terraria since 1.0.3! I have tons of experience and can teach a lot of tips and tricks. (There is an amazing shortcut way to build stacks of blocks or platforms, using your grapple) But anyway, heres the information! Btw, you need hamachi!

    Hamachi Network: Terraria Mini Mini Mini

    There is no password at all

    You need hamachi to use this server!!! Sorry, I need you guys to know. If you enter the IP without hamachi, it won't work.

    Thankyouplease! (Get the referen…

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