Ok I thought of making this blog (And failing on spelling "idea's" i think) about thoughts.

1."Ying Yang" (Spell) Tooltip:Damages the other,heals you Damage:50 Speed:Average Crafting:1 Light shard,1 Dark shard,20 Souls of Night,20 Souls of light,1Spell tome ( Or is it spell tomb?) Requirement:Bookcase Ability:Will damage the enemy and will heal you.

2."Chuck Norris's Sandwitch" (Consumable) Tooltip:Awesomeness Damage:99999999999999 Speed:You-have-got-to-be-kidding-me fast Crafting:1 Carrot,20 Souls each Requirement:Cooking Pot (You might know why) Ability:Summens Chuck Norris.He will kill only Enemies.Not players,Bosses,or bunnies.

3.Holy Morning (Event) It will do the exact opposide of Blood moon.Exept it will only spawn Hallowed Enemies and NPC sells.They will sell souls.Prices will rise (Your Prices).And No Corruption will spread and Hallow can take over Corruption.

4."Lawn Mower" (Accessory) Tooltip:Mows Grass Ability:Mows Hallowed grass or Corruption Grass. To get it, you must buy it from Goblin Tinkerer.

Well,Thats all for now