Spell shields are spell or weapons use as a temporary shield against an opponent - mob or player. Not so many weapons have that ability but they sure are useful when mining.

Destructible Projectiles

Maybe the most common spell shield use is against destructible projectiles such as:

(Some destructible projectiles might be missing)

Items Able To Spell Shield

The list IS incomplete. Don't hesitate filling up with weapons I forgot.

  • First of all is Vilethorn. The weapon who forged that term, with his 2-3 seconds of protection as his roots stands long dealing damage to enemy and destroying projectiles. This weapon also has the ability to stun a caster for the time of the spell if it hits him with the root.
  • As of the 1.0.6, Demon Scythe can also be used to spell shield, using the fact that the projectile takes a moment to start moving. This one can also be use to protect from opponent and hit him if the space if clear between both of you.