Chapter 1:The introduction

There was a warrior,Seabiscuit254 III,that found himself alone in the great isle of Terraria.When he did wake,he found himself  in a snowy place.The first thing he thought was getting a shelter,but some frozen slimes attacked him.Armed with nothing if a little sword,he did know he wouldn't survive.So,he runned away,into a plain location,with only little green slimes.

He killed some,then got some wood and,after that, he thought himself "It's getting late...better make a shelter,i don't know what creatures could come at night,but i do not want to discover  it without something to protect myself."The fact was,he didn't have the time-It was night.He runned to find a house.

The zombies got almost to him,but then a stranger shooted the horde with an undertaker.He said "Run in,or die." biscuit runned faster that wind in,closing the door.The stranger presented himself "Welcome,im Divoratore,but call me Divo.From where did you come?After CrimsonWolf and FragBombGaming no one did survive so much to get here.By the way,what is your name?"."SeaBiscuit254 III" "I will just call you biscuit."

"I need to go hunting for some things"Divo said,and then continued"If you need anything,talk to Swaggins .FragBomb will come with me to hunt,i just need to help him build."Biscuit observed better the house,there was a staircase to the second and third floors.He got up,to see a strange thing:there were some platforms,lots of platforms.He asked what they were used to, and CrimsonWolf

  answered:Ah,the new guy.The floor here up is used to beat bosses,as platforms are ideal for moving up.Really,we are thinking to make an arena near the ocean.

"Plus,were did Divo take that gun,and that gears?"Biscuit asked

"The crimson"CrimsonWolf

  answered.It is a horrible place.Bloody monsters,blood become able to support it,divo did take 1 year living there.He did return traumatized,but after a month of recovery,he did become without any remorse,or mercy.Oh no,no,no,no,no...."

"What?Biscuit asked

"Blood moon"Monsters are attracted by it,and...get x3 times stronger.In fact,they can break our doors.Thanks to god Divo did know that,and he made us upgrade the doors to lead doors.They can't be breaked by zombies."

"Wait,he has gone hunting! he is in danger!"Biscuit did say


  replied "He is with FragBomb,and if they fight cooperating,nothing can stop them.Plus,even frag's house has lead doors."

Chapter 2:Exploration

After the Blood Moon finished,the two got out.Biscuit asked "Why Divo is still out?"Usually,his hunting goes for 2 days.Really,it can go for more time,but he says it when he goes out for 5 or more days."Wolf replied.

After that,the two did go exploring to find Divoratore.On the way,they found 3 pairs of hermes boots,and a goblin scout.They killed him,stabbing to the heart.Finally,they found Divo and Frag,with a bag full of loot.Divo said "Why are you here?Did you,at least,find something useful?

"3 pairs of boots wolf called hermes boots,and 4 mirrors.Oh,another four aglets."

"Mirrors?Give one to frag,me and wolf.We will need it.let me show how they work."Then,Divoratore watched himself in the mirror,and he did vanish,with his loot.Biscuit sayed"Maybe it's magical.I hope.Just...everyone,watch yourself with that,and you will vanish i-don't-know-were."Everyone watched themselfes,and got at home."Good work.But we need to find a pair of crimson hearts.I'l tell you later.Plus,a other pair of things.Now,rest,you will need it.

After a day of rest,Divo explained "Living in the crimson taught me a lot.For example,the crimson has some rewards for those brave.The crimson hearts.They are like the shadow orb,that frag knows very well,but these are more...strong.Do someone of you knows the legend of chtulu?"A little"Frag answered."The legend says that chtulu was a great demon,unstoppable.But a group of warrior,each with different combat style,weakened him to a point of when the gods seen him,they cut him in pieces:Brain,third eye,2 eyes,and skull."Exactly."Divo said."The crimson has the brain deep in itself.If we are able to destroy 3 hearts of chtulu

,we will fight it.Plus,the hearts award decent loot.For today,that enogouth exploring,so we will try to get some loot the next day.

Chapter 3:The attack

The three got into the mushroom biome,to call Frag,he sayed he has some people to take care,and that there was a goblin army invasion,so they must be sure no goblin is alive.The three,then,got into the crimson,with platinum broadswords,and the butcherer(For divo).Killed the major part of monsters,they entered a cave.Now they got near an heart,sensing it's power.They had prepared a pair of sticky bombs for the occasion,and Biscuit placed it in near the heart.The walls destroyed,and the heart was vulnerable:Divo,with a flesh grinder,hitted hard the heart that breaked,revealing a crimson rod.Wolf taked it.

"Good,destroy another one,then stop.Otherwise the keeper of the crimson will get to us".And so biscuit destroyed another one,that dropped a rotten fork.They got out of the crimson,waited for night,while Divo explained"Get six lenses,that what we need to summon the eye of chutulu.He will be useful."The three hitted the eyes in a manner to not destroy the lenses,by cutting the eye at the right part."Now,we need these bloody crimson altars."They got to the altars,and then created a big eye.While they were closing home,a goblin invasion started:They did take an ironskin potion each,and then they got down to battle the goblins.Divo unsheated the Night's Edge,saying "I am far more ancient that you think.Now,It's time to pay for attacking my squad,goblins!,then he stabbed every goblin he seen.Some of them fleed in fear,while some tried to combat,but were being slain effortlessy.After they ended,it was almost night again,and the trio had a lot of coins and spiky balls.They keeped them in a chest.Then divo sayed "I have to explain a few things,uh?"I am here from 5 years.Getting the swords for that was a 2 years long thing.While we were at the altar,i forged that beauty.I had a few copys of some of the sword.A muramasa,a blade of grass,and a fiery greatsword." Now,we are hurt,so we better wait a day to get ready for the fight.