I re-posted it,as otherwise no-one would see it,and i am deciding i will continue it,pretty much.Now,there is a new chapter along the old one,so enjoy!

Chapter 5:One down,ten to go

After resting,the three got out,but what they did see was horrible...The crimson spreaded almost to their home.Biscuit sayed"Wait,Divo,is that what i think it is?" "Yes.The Wall has been defeated.We need to talk to Frag about that."Crimson did take the Muramasa as a weapon,Biscuit the Fiery Greatsword,while they taked the Blade Of Grass for Frag.The three started to advance to Frag's home.While walking,they found Wilm,while Divo pointed the water,saying"That is the hallow.That means that things are going fast.If we stay here for long,the monsters of the area are going to sense us." Crimson and Biscuit stayed at guard,while Divoratore talked with Wilm. "So,what happened to make you fight the Wall,Fool?Frag,Dorvle and the others can't resist the power of the Crimson!"  "It was Dorvle,he did try to take the doll,but it falled,so we needed to defend.Now,could you help me cleanse and block the Crimson?"  "Sure,i must defend my friends,too.You are not the only one that needs to cleanse himself from the great sins.Now,better to not talk about it."Divo replied.At the istant they finished talking,a pair of pixies and an unicorn started running at them.Biscuit started slashing the unicorn,hitting the neck,and decapitating him,while Wolf unsheated the muramasa,then started to slash the pixies in the core,while dodging their burning skin.

After that,they runned at Frag's house,since their one was far.They knocked the door,but they activated a trap,making a boulder fall down.The four did slash their swords syncronizing,and destroying the boulder.Divoratore busted open the door and,enraged,cut a mushroom tree with his sword.After that,Frag,hearing things cut and the door busted open thinked it was a monster or a horde of monsters,and tried to escape closing himself in a iron door.At the moment Divo seen it,he cut it in half by rage.Frag,with the sword at his neck,sayed "What are you doing?!?" Divo replied "YOU DID THROW US A BOULDER!IT COULD HAVE KILLED US!"  "Oh,so it were you.Sorry."  "You are going to pay us for that one,Frag.You know i have a limit."  "Ok..."  "5 golds will be fine"   "Ow..."  Divo,still enraged,breaked the piggy bank,taking 5 golds from it. "And make a better trap,not even an possesed armor could die of a boulder."  Biscuit sayed "Wow,didn't imagine you could be so destructive.By the way,shouldn't we fight the eye?"   "Right,right.It will be a good way to get out the rage"It's almost  night,we will fight here." Biscuit showed the eye at the sky,and an giant eye eated it."Here it is!" Divo sayed "Get it,guys!" Divo said another time. The eye started to spit servants,but Wolf cutted them the moment they got out.Divo stabbed the eye right in the pupil,while Biscuit maked sure the eye didn't hit anyone,but after a while,the eye started to grow teeths.Divo got away from it,and,while dodging his charges,throwed the sword right in his mouth,while wolf started to slice his sides and biscuit setted it on fire stabbing it's upper part.At the end it falled,and Divo retrieved the sword along one of it's teeths,that he put as a trophy,and a lot of crimtane ore.They decided that it was good for a day,and did go to sleep.

Chapter 6:Revelations

"Ok,guys,i will tell you the truth.Right now,we can't stand a chance to the hardmode monsters.I can only hope the three great ones don't spot us,or we are dead.By the way,guys,what "class" will you like to be?I know 3 materials that let you be an attack mage,defensive mage,attack warrior,defense warrior,rockets shroomite headgear,bullet one and arrows one.They all provide a great bonus.I im a warrior,And i think i will get all two types of chest's,because being versatile is vital.Anyway,what you guys will be?"

"Ranger!"Biscuit said

"Mage" Crimson said

"Good.Now,you know,we need to upgrade ourselves.Hell is the place we need to go.First we need to ask Frag where is the Helllevator."

After that,the group got to Frag's house.Frag was in,with an cool grey armour.Divo said "Hey,Frag.Were did you put th- Is that a Titanium armor?" "How do you know that?" I will explain all if you give us a pair of palladium drills"  "You got a deal." Frag opened a chest,and taken out 3 palladium drills,and handed them to Divoratore,Seabiscuit and CrimsonWolf." "Now,it's your time."

"I guess i'd have to explain all,one time.But Wiln has something to say,too.Not now,but a day Wilm will need to explain you a lot of things.Now,let start.

"I was a Demon Of War,at the start.After 50000 of years killing without mercy people on that island,i did become kindier.They bound me to the hell,for another 1500 years,then i did become so strong that i was able to free myself,but i used my power.After that,i did fly to the surface,but then the Watchers got my wings,and bound me to a mortal body.Before that,i weakened them a lot,to the point they had to take the body of other strong creatures.The watchers,the Twins, are just some twin demons that possessed the body of two eyes of chtulu.Skeletron prime,Also called Death Sender,possessed the body of skeletron,after Wilm and the others defeated it,making him robotic,hard as titanium,and making him grow 2 ranged arms and 2 melee ones.Remember the big big worm,the Eater of World,you defeated at your first encounter with your friends?Another robotic monster,The Annhilator of World,possessed it,making it become even harder that skeletron prime,shoot lasers,and become x3 times longer.It did become called The Destroyer.After much time,i got the hand of being a human.With the knowledge of a god and the power of a human,i promised myself to destroy every other demon that tried to oppose me,and to protect everyone that i encountered.Well,that was it."

"...Wow..."Frag replied

"Comment and i will punch your mouth down"

After that,the trio got to home.Divo shouted "Tomorrow we will take some ores,then we will take out the Brain Of Chtulu"

The trio got to sleep,but they didn't know what waited for them.

"You feel vibrations coming from deep below"

Chapter 7:Stop the Destroyer,or die

During the night,the group heared some vibrations,but ignored them.At day,they sensed an innatural fear.Divo,remembering it, shouted:"Good da-Oh no.Guys,remember the story of my life?"

"Yes"  Biscuit answered. "Why?" "You know the vibrations we all sensed that night?The Destroyer found us.That night,he will kill us." "But...we are strong..."Wolf sayed  "Even Wilm could die of that,you know.So,we must find a sky island,to make sure he doesn't get us"

"Just...ow,there still wyvers on sky islands.So,i...i think we will need to beat him.With the help of Wilm,Frag,and his friends.First,we need some titanium armor too,or we are arleady dead.

The group walked for half a day to Frag's house.

"We need help.A  LOT of help.Remember the vibration of the other night,and the ones we feel right now?It's the Destroyer.He found us.We need some titanium armors.In exchange,i will reveal you some secrets about some ultra powerful accessories.Like wings."

"Oh,well,i can't resist.Here,take 78 bars,you will be able to make a set for everyone of you."Where is your mythril forge?"Divo asked

"Near the chest"Frag answered

In barely 3 hours,Divo forged a titanium mask for himself,a headgear for Wolf,a mask for Biscuit and leggings for all three,along with the breastplates.They were decently ready for the Destroyer,but they had only 1 hour to prepare.

"Good.Accessories can be dropped by some monster,in rare chances,and with a special crafting table you can combine them.Like,Werewolves on a full moon can drop an adhesive bandage and a moon charm.If you combine accessories like adhesive bandages and a bazar,after you combined them all,you can make an ank charm.Combine it with an obsidian shield,you will be immune to knockback,fire blocks,and most common debuffs.There are maaaaany accessories.Like,the moon charm morphs you into a werewolf every night.The neptune's shell morphs you into a merfolk in water,making you get infinite breath,no slow down in water and ability to swim.Combine these two,and you will have the effect of both.Now,can you make me encounter your hosts?If they stay here,they will be squashed by the steel of the Destroyer."

"Uhm...Dorvle,Minear,come.It's time to fight a huge worm!"

"Who is that guy?" Minear and Dorvle asked

"Im Divoratore,Ancient Demon of War,Warrior etc.To make it short,the guy who warned Frag about the mechanical annhilators."

"GET UP!,FAST!HE IS UNDER US! Divo shouted

The battle begun.With his mechanical jaws,The Destroyer almost eated Divo,hurting his badly his leg.He sayed "So you remember me?" After that,with all his anger,power and rage,Divo stabbed the metallic flesh of the Destroyer,hurting him very much every time he moved,while Crimson Slashed him rapidly with his muramasa,and Biscuit shooted him with a minishark loaded with meteor bullets,and using a shotgun too,After some time,the destroyer started shooting laser,that hurted badly,and probes that shooted even more laser,but that could be destroyed.

Frag launched grenades at him,but after noticing it wasn't effective,he started slashing the Destroyer too.Dorvle stabbed him with a spear,while Minear shooted an aqua bolt at him,that penetrated him nad maked him get decently damaged.After a pair of hours of stabbing and shooting,the destroyer falled to doom.One group taked 20 souls,and one the other 20.Same with the hallowed bars.Wilm explained that souls of different types were used in different craftings,that were pretty strong.After that,they all got to sleep.Before going home,Divo talked at everyone,saying that no Mechanical Bosses will attack them anymore,as they will need to summon them.

Chapter 8:Medications

"Ouch" Divo and the other sayed "Well,it's natural.It's arleady a divine help that we survived the Destroyer.Well,he slammed all us against walls,and almost burned us alive with his lasers.We need to find something to cure us with.Bad thing is,i do not know how.Being a demon makes you almost immortal,so...Yeah.Biscuit,any tips?"

"Yes,i know something.Honey and other regenerative items are very useful.The regenerative items i am talking about are campfires,heart lanterns,bottled honey and liquid one.Plus a set of crimson armor boosts greatly regeneration when worn."

"Good.Honey,if i remember good,is found in jungle hives,campfires are easily created,and heart lanters are made from a rare heart crystal,and some chains.So,first to jungle,then we will need a lot of honey for everyone.Really,i heard there is a part of the world that isn't in hardmode,were there is a group of adventurers.We will go discovering it later."

The group started to go in the jungle.While getting there,they found Wilm,Frag,Dorvle and Minear.

"We are getting honey,you too?"  "Yes,we will show the way."

After talking,the group noticed it was night.They were attacked by some wandering eyes.Crimson cut them in half with his muramasa,Biscuit setted them on fire while Divo reduced them to ash.They runned in the jungle,not knowing what waited for them.Moss hornets damaged them and envenomed them.Wilm showed them the way.Biscuit setted on fire most monsters and some of the jungle,with everyone else shooting at monsters or cutting them.After a long way,they got into a hive.With some buckets to get honey,everyone got their part.After finishing,everyone used their magic mirror to get home and,by searching in their chests,found all they needed for heart lanters and campfires.After crafting all,the trio got to sleep.

Biscuit and Dorvle were in charge of getting plants and animals,while Crimson and Minear maked the potion.Divo,Frag and Wilm were in charge of finding and exploring the Pure Zone,if it existed.

The three warriors needed to take the longer but more safe road underground to the location were it was speculated that they would find the zone.With the map in possession of Wilm,the three needed 3 days with the safe route.In the time,Minear and Crimson got plenty of potions,and Dorvle and Biscuit did remember perfectly how every plant bloomed.Wilm,Frag and Divo mined to the surface were the zone should be.They did see the monsters were pretty weak,they shouted "IS THERE ANYONE THERE?"

They heard,from a part of the world,An answer.They traveled to the location were they heard the voice,but needed to stop at half journey.