Chapter 9:The Unexpected Enemy

The group sensed that even that part of the world was put in hardmode,so they decided to return home 

"Our groups should have plenty of resources now,and our searches are useless now that that location is in hardmode.If there was some survivors,we'd better not interfere their life,anyway."Divo sayed when night was almost finished. "I'd better stay a little with myself and my group,for some time,now.So,we will not encounter for some time."FragBomb sayed at Divoratore. 

The three used the same way from were they did come,taking another pair of days.They runned as fast as they could,and got at home in little hours.When they returned,it was nightfall.Frag and Wilm returned home,Divoratore heared some strange voices from above,and between himself he thought "Or there are some angels talking loud,or i am almost dead.Better ignore all." He found Crimson with 3 cupboards full of potions,and Biscuit with a lot of spare flowers."Finally,you returned.What we do,now?Crimson and Biscuit asked "We go hunting for new weapons,these are getting weak.We need Titanium things for you,with the Night's Edge that i have being strong like a titanium sword." 

The three remembered that Frag did say them were to find Titanium veins to mine from,so they got searching underground.But first they needed some mythril for the anvil.So,they searched in a tundra,finding a cave.A penguin,that may or may not have done it intentionally,showed them the point of a pocket of mythril.Divoratore,showing his thanks,got the penguin and teleported home,to put in a safe place.In the meanwhile,a guy did come,named Sebastian,with a red hat,did come into a room.He explained that he was a clothier.Divo asked him "Oh,well you can be helpful.See that little guy?He is a penguin.Get care of him while me and my friends go hunting for ores.

Break that crystal into the wall if something bad happens,so we will come back."Divoratore then rushed out.He delivered the notice of the clothier to Crimson and Biscuit,then started mining mythril.While mining the last piece,they heard roars and Sebastian breaked the crystal,sending them a messagge:Something bad was happening,and Divo did fear what it could be.He heard lasers and saws,and shouted "PRIME!You...You killed everyone in my life,but that will end now.I will not kill you,but will let everyone else take you down.Now i must protect my friends." Divoratore sayed,in a demonic,unknown voice.After talking,He unsheated the Night's Edge and started controlling it's force.From the sky a start did fall,right in the blade of the sword.The sword,a normal weapon no more,was now stronger.It was the True Night's Edge.

"I feel powerful...In... a strange manner." Knowing he didn't have time,he slashed Prime's laser hand with all his force,creating a powerful blade that did deal even more damage.Then he called back everyone,including the clothier and the penguin,and escaped underground. 

"What happened to your blade?It's bigger,and even more sharp."Biscuit asked

"I...I...I do not know.I know only that a star falled on it's sharpest point,and then it changed."Divo answered.

"But,we need to beat that big metal thing!Let go!"Crimson shouted "No,he has a hidden power:True fear.He is so cruel,that just attacking him doesn't work.We need to overcome the fear,by love or bravery.Anything."

"But...we must try.If we die,it's the end.But i will be even worse if he first kills every one of our friends,then us!"Biscuit sayed,with the spirit of a leader

"By the way,are you getting kind?You seem to like that penguin.By the way,how would you call it?"Crimson added,joking.

"I know,i never had a pet.He's so cute,plus he showed us a nice spot of mining.I'll call him Little Guy.And,yes,we need to try,right.We...can't leave Prime free ground on lives of that island.He did do things worse that me.A plan won't work,he will put fear into us and make it be confused.Just,attack what you see-Get all the rage in your body,and put it into every shot.Eventually he will fall."Divo explained,getting his voice more and more demoniac each word.

The group started to journey back at home,getting there without being hurt,as monsters too are scared by Skeletron Prime.So,they concentrated their rage to the maximum,and started shooting,slashing,everything they could.They were being wounded seriously,but that just fueled their rage,to a point Biscuit got into extreme rage,pressing his megashark button he crafted after killing the Destroyer so much it almost overloaded,and when he got without ammunitions,he started hitting Skeletron with his gun,surprising Prime himself.Crimson,with his many spell books and wands,realized rage couldn't help,so he concentrated bravery to focus his magic.He hitted Skeletron hard with the spells he had,getting from a spell to other,while Divoratore focused on the Penguin.Yep,Little Guy.He focused on him.And that all you get for that chapter.