Yeah,welcome in a blog of mine that isn't Terraria Adventure.I made that to ask a few questions regarding the series,and my posts in general.Oh,and part 3 has Chapter 9 finished,with a touch of...i don't know how to call it.Here it is,if you missed it:

1:I could make some blog pages for how bosses and some character are in the story.Naturally,i will have some little surprises,and some little things that CAN reveal everything,but are almost impossible to find.And i will not say what they are(Well,yes,if someone asks nicely).So...Yeah.

2:I'd have an idea for a new type of posts,But for it i need 1 or more people to play with,and a server(My computer isn't able to host one.).I will explain better if it works,otherwise i will try to find other things for new posts.

About 1:Here is a example:

Name:Skeletron Prime

Personality:Very evil,rude,and anti-social

Traits:Made of steel,has very little or no facial expressions.


Weapons:Laser hand,saw hand,vice hand,and a bomb launcher as arms,so he is able to defend himself.

Secrets:Is a demon possessing a giant dead skeleton

He is also named Bob

Tactics:Close your eyes,and hope it ends soon

About 2:I will wait a until sunday before starting the new thing/destroying it from my memory forever.For contacting me,well,just write me your Steam name(If any) in the talkpage.Max.5 people including me.Well,if the server hoster says it,anyway.

That was it...Yeah.About the character thing,i will include them at the end of every Adventure part,if people wants.In 2,i can start it just with one guy hosting the server...I will explain if it works.