• Doctor Spam

    Well, as stated in the title, I have an idea for two bosses. And a bunch of items, including summoners and drops.

    Storm Dragon

    A wyvern with dark hues of blue and green. The eyes are completely azure-colored, and they leave a trail of same color. Both eyes and trails illuminate. It is meant as a preparation boss for when you want to fight wyverns and earn souls of flight. Upon defeat, it drops a few shadow scales, some demonite ore, and a medium-large amount of coins. It's attack strength and defense is lower than a normal wyvern, but it is more tricky. It can turn down instead of only up. Summoned with an item idea, a gale, made out of an entire stack of feathers, to keep veterans from abusing.

    Death Dragon

    Not as much like a wyvern, but moreā€¦

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