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    In this topic, I want to tell you about my wonderful idea. Perhaps my idea implemented in a future update, but this is unlikely. Well, and in fact, here is my idea:

    1. Boss: The Dragon

    Methods of attack: Fire breath, touch.

    Damage: Fire-breathing: 75; Touch: 100.

    Health: 100000

    Protection: the First stage: 20; Second stage: 10.

    Area: The Cave Of The Dragon.

    Call: Dragon's altar, the soul of the Dragon.

    Appearance: Red dragon, is completely covered with scales.

    Drop: the Heart of the Dragon (1); scales of the Dragon (20-30).


    First, breathes fire, which is valid for 20 blocks (Yes, Yes, it is difficult to Dodge), causing a 75 damage, and then with the breakneck speed of attack, causing 100 damage (reminds Spazmatizm), also with a chance to 20…

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