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  • Dr.elisey

    Iron mod

    July 14, 2013 by Dr.elisey

    Good day, and Hello my dear, not so long ago, I began to observe coding =), and the first sign was the game terrariums, watch the results moyh works =)


    With all the monsters easier than it looked, and another thing with the bosses =)

    was the brainchild of my Chtulhu tron, and yet he was in the game! albeit with my help =)

    It is more complicated than twins! and faster, and the reward for it is huge, for the three bosses at once =)

    On weapons, while adding just such a gun:

    Works fine, anime hellsing =)

    The second day, while developing their little child =) added more complex monster and boss corrected, and the weapon itself is a test, a little more will get: D

    The third day, add a few weapons, including ban-hammer =) then show them sprites,…

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  • Dr.elisey

    clicked to view the image.

    I thought, and laid out ideas for future wiki. All that is needed for appliances comfortable apartment.

    there is a time display. open channel for communication. protection system which will tell the administrator that the wiki is not all right. additional tools to appliances comfortable apartment managers. and many more helpers for the Parties.

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  • Dr.elisey

    I have seen today that that as though hints on new game?! "I have a bad habit only posts when is what to show. I will try to work over it in the future. Besides rectifies an error here and there some, I really haven't made too much recently in respect of game updating. I simply try to have a rest a little from programming and to charge the batteries a little. We have been occupied by work on details of reception game is transferred on some consoles and establishing bases for other game, but I in general Don ' т would like to do announcements while all won't be cut on a stone." It does a terraria 2?! I could find also pictures of this new game and the reference on new game. terraria-2-0-developer-offers-a-sneak-peek-of-their-next-game/ and …

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  • Dr.elisey

    The fan-arta and ideas to diversify game is a little.

    - As it is easy to guess, it is the upgraded version of the Wall of Flesh. To summon it you must get the item from the third WoF you kill, however to activate the item hardmode must be active. If the boss kills you then another item will drop out of the following WoF instead of a Pwnhammer. The wall's eyes are mechanical looking more like the second stage of The Twins, and instead of a mouth - two saws. The leeches are now mini versions of the destroyer named bloodsuckers. They have 5000 HP, & are launched more frequently. Instead of The Hungry they are The Thirsting, they are circular saws with 2000 HP each, & will reform on the wall in due time. The wall has 50000 HP. The boss consists…

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