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Terraria 2.0 or new game star bound from Re-Logic.

Dr.elisey February 18, 2012 User blog:Dr.elisey

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I have seen today that that as though hints on new game?! "I have a bad habit only posts when is what to show. I will try to work over it in the future. Besides rectifies an error here and there some, I really haven't made too much recently in respect of game updating. I simply try to have a rest a little from programming and to charge the batteries a little. We have been occupied by work on details of reception game is transferred on some consoles and establishing bases for other game, but I in general Don ' т would like to do announcements while all won't be cut on a stone." It does a terraria 2?! I could find also pictures of this new game and the reference on new game. terraria-2-0-developer-offers-a-sneak-peek-of-their-next-game/ and Tiyuri starbound

Here still could find it probably the ship probably space differently what for a survival suit if there is no ship, also the hangar hints at a quest or mission "the task from npc" P.S or even shop or animation of building of technics or house.

Yesterday a conference was held with the developers Starbound players. They responded to various questions. Translation of this conference is spread:

The whole universe will be available in both single player and the game on the network. Accordingly, with the game on a network is proportional to the complexity. On the maximum number of players on the server, it is difficult to say.

NPC will be very much: they can travel on a spaceship with the player, but also live on the planet, the player will tell you how your home. They will be able to give the player quests and will also have some needs (drag unknown piece from the other end of the galaxy in order to decorate the house, for example).

The complexity of the planets will vary so that the player will not get bored too easy gameplay: the end of the complexity of the game will not fall. The complexity varies from one to one hundredth level.

We have a procedural system for the generation of objects, because their number is just amazing.

The game will be present plot. It will also be held in co-op.

Will "social slots" (aka Style). Given the variability of the appearance of the armor it will create its unique appearance.

Ability to dig. A lot of digging). The landscape will be completely destroyed.

It will be possible to control the cities. This part is not yet ready to end, but the developers promise that it will be interesting.

Planned to repaint the possibility of weapons of your choice.

There will be a special ready-built. For example, the control center of the weather. But the opportunity to build on blocks still!

The game works great composers (c). I think we are waiting for eight bit music.

It is planned to release on Steam, but the developers do not exclude other ways to purchase the game. In the steam will also be integration with the system of advances, and more.

The ship will be kastomizirovta player to your liking: repaint, change any details.

The developers have not fully decided whether or not the opportunity to travel while mounted on one of more than one player.

It will be very deep crafting system: NPC, you can save on other planets, sell new designs and resources. In addition, it will be possible to construct a research laboratory. Bottles, incidentally, is being studied there. Also, you can build factories (sic!).

Mechanisms (buttons, wires, etc.) in the game.

It is planned to create a built-in mission editor to create their own levels of players.

The game will be set gumanoydnyh opponents. Developers still discussing the possibility of combining them into fractions. At the very least, within the planet - will be hostile to the settlement.

Finds the system is ready, which collects information on all artifacts and enemies, which the player encounters on planets.

Enemies, among other things, it will be possible to catch, and some - tamed using a fighting companions.

Navigation between the planets going through the star chart.

Ability to copy items found so far is not planned, but still may change (as long as it raises questions about the damage to the balance sheet).

Skills and skills will not be, they will be obtained only with the object.

The game is a lot of bosses.

Much of the game will be tied to money, perhaps it is a waste of money to be punishment for the death.

Physics is basic: the enemies will be able to throw in your blocks, and the explosions will throw blocks to the sides.

There is a lot of minerals and ores, which can be used in production.

You will be able to call orbital strikes the planet, destroying the landscape and destroying enemies.

Developers are thinking of the fact that for a fee or otherwise enter the names of the players in the game as NPC.

Weapons will be as short and long-range combat, two handed and one handed, and you can pick up a two-handed weapon and use both (left and right mouse click, respectively)

The space objects (comets, stars, etc.) will not be worked out so much: after all the main events taking place on the planet, but sometimes it can be anything from the sky to fall. After the release is possible that this aspect of the drawbacks. Music StarBound. Info StarBound.

The game will be different modes of PvP.

That's all.

Starbound - Water Demo02:19

Starbound - Water Demo

Starbound - Lighting Demo00:52

Starbound - Lighting Demo

Starbound - Forest Demo01:16

Starbound - Forest Demo

Starbound Developer Q&A 117:24

Starbound Developer Q&A 1

Starbound - Teaser from Terraria Developer new game01:52

Starbound - Teaser from Terraria Developer new game

Starbound - Teasertrailer 2; Shotguns, hoverbike and animations01:18

Starbound - Teasertrailer 2; Shotguns, hoverbike and animations

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