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  • Dr3yd3n

    Which Melee do you Prefer?

    November 24, 2013 by Dr3yd3n
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  • Dr3yd3n

    Turtle Armor or Spectre Armor

    November 23, 2013 by Dr3yd3n
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  • Dr3yd3n


    November 21, 2013 by Dr3yd3n

    Hey guys, Dr3yd3n here, and I have my PC Version adventures blog! This will mention anything that seems important! 

    Things To Do

    Bosses Defeated
    ✔ Eye of Cthulhu
    ✔ Eater of Worlds
    ✔ Brain of Cthulhu
    ✔ Skeletron
    ✔ King Slime
    ✔ Queen Bee
    ✔ Wall of Flesh
    ✔ The Twins
    ✔ The Destroyer
    ✔ Skeletron Prime
    ✔ Plantera
    ✔ Golem
    ✘ Pumpking
    NPCs Owned
    ✔ Guide
    ✔ Merchant
    ✔ Nurse
    ✔ Demolitionist
    ✔ Arms Dealer
    ✔ Dryad
    ✔ Clothier
    ✔ Mechanic
    ✔ Goblin Tinkerer
    ✔ Wizard
    ✔ Santa Claus†
    ✔ Dye Trader
    ✔ Party Girl
    ✔ Cyborg
    ✔ Painter
    ✔ Witch Doctor
    ✔ Truffle

    Today, I went on my first Massively Populated Online Server (MPOS), it was a disaster. 


    "You're new, aren't you."

    "You got your stuff from a giveaway server, didn't you."

    Well, I just ignored them, but I did NOT feel welcomed. If …

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