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    Hello there!

    If you are reading this, then you are probably always out of money. It happens to the best of us. You absolutely have to have those Leaf Wings , and suddenly you don't have the platinum coin to spare. Making money is simple and hassle-free enough if you know how to go about it.

    This strategy works in both Hard Mode and Pre-Hard Mode. You will need a boss spawning item of your choice, and the required equipment to defeat the boss. Any item that increases the coin drops of the boss will help too.

    If you don't have one already, build an arena.My Arena-Building guide will be out soon, so check that out.  Summon and defeat the boss; when writing this I have already posted guides on defeating the Eater of Worlds and the Eye of Cthulhu,…

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  • DragonMaster9240

    Hey guys, it's Dragon again with another Solo Boss guide, this time showing you how to fight the Eater of Worlds. Since he burrows underground, it can be nearly impossible to predict where he'll attack from, and it's a death sentence to get caught in his loop. Add to the fact that he has to be fought inside the Corruption and it becomes completely dizzying.

    Please note: This guide contains only how to defeat the Eater of Worlds, not the Brain of Cthulhu, the EoW equivelant of Crimson worlds.

    As with all boss battles, the results of the fight depend on how well prepared you are. I would advise Cactus, Iron, Silver or Gold/Platinum armor, along with a good ranged weapon like a high velocity bow, a long-range melee weapon, and maybe a rapid-fir…

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  • DragonMaster9240

    Hey guys, Dragon here bringing you a series of detailed guides concerning Terraria's bosses, which can be a little daunting if you don't know how to fight them properly. Since the outcome of a boss battle depends utterly on the preparation, I'll show you how to go about it.

    For newer players, fighting the Eye of Cthulhu can seem a little scary, but it's a piece of cake once you get used to it. As long as you prepare the terrain and your weapons and armor, you won't even need potions.

    If you just want to skip to the basics of how to fight it, see section The Fight.

    Copper or iron armor is great for fighting the Eye of Cthulhu and will do the job. If you can, get Cactus, Silver or Gold/Platinum armor - the more defense the better.

    Now, for acces…

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