Hey guys, it's Dragon again with another Solo Boss guide, this time showing you how to fight the Eater of Worlds. Since he burrows underground, it can be nearly impossible to predict where he'll attack from, and it's a death sentence to get caught in his loop. Add to the fact that he has to be fought inside the Corruption and it becomes completely dizzying.

Please note: This guide contains only how to defeat the Eater of Worlds, not the Brain of Cthulhu, the EoW equivelant of Crimson worlds.


As with all boss battles, the results of the fight depend on how well prepared you are. I would advise Cactus, Iron, Silver or Gold/Platinum armor, along with a good ranged weapon like a high velocity bow, a long-range melee weapon, and maybe a rapid-firing magic weapon if you have plenty of mana and mana potions. I would also advice about 200 life.

A piercing weapon works extremely well against the EoW's many segments, so I highly recommend a Trident, Spear or the Vilethorn.

Like in my guide to defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, you will want to build a wide, box arena. If you followed my other guide, it's likely you won't have built your arena in the Corruption. If this is the case, you must build one now, using the same materials as before: approx. 150 wood and a stack (99) wood platforms.

If you did build one in the Corruption before, well done, that's one less thing to do and, if you have the Worm Food, you can begin battling the EoW almost immediately.

The EoW can be spanwed 'day and 'night, so he does not despawn at dawn like the EoC, or kill you for 9998 damage like Skeletron. The reason for an arena is that, apart from the fact that it provides crucial mobility, is that it is very easy to lead it out of the Corruption, causing it to despawn and for the Worm Food to be wasted.

Worm food is crafted from 30 Vile Powder, which is 6 Vile Mushrooms, and 15 Rotten Chunks. Alternatively, you can choose to spawn the EoW by destroying three Shadow Orbs. If you choose this strategy, make sure you have a quick escape route to your arena.

Fighting it

The EoW has the same AI as a Devourer or a Giant Worm, so if you're used to this it should be fairly easy.I recommend the Hunter Potion, allowing you to see where the EoW will come out of the ground. 

When you destroy segments of its body, it will split into smaller worms, which can easily surround you if you don't watch out. Try to hit their heads, as this kills them fairly easily and stops them from splitting. If you destroy body segments of the main worm and then proceed to eliminate the smaller worms, the EoW will get gradually smaller, making the fight slowly easier. Be warned, though; if the EoW gets too small, it will become difficult to hit. Each segment will drop 2-4 Shadow Scales and 3-5 Demonite Ore upon death, along with around 15-20 silver coins. In total, you should get around 70-100 Demonite Ore and 50-70 Shadow Scales, along with 2-5 gold coins.


And that sums this guide up! Something useful to know is that I make these guides based upon my own experience. In other words, I only write guides on bosses that I have already defeated. So, I have not defeated the Wall of Flesh or any of the Hardmode bosses yet. Don't call me a noob <.< In my defense, I do plenty of research on said bosses and have been playing Terraria for 3 years.