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  • Dragonvaledaily123

    Ah, the underworld. An area with the last stuff available in easymode. Ill be telling you about the hazards and loot in this area.

    The Underworld is at the bottom of the map, under the stone layer. You can dig straight down, creating a "Hellevator" but you may run into lava and water which would make it much harder to dig. I used the underground jungle as a passage, as it often stretches to the Underworld. If you are particularly ambitious, you can blast your way there with bombs and TNT purchased from the demolitionist.

    It's usually suicide to go there without shadow armor, as it will protect you from the many hazards there. A water walking potion or obsidian skin is useful for navigating the lava seas. An ivy whip for navigation has its me…

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  • Dragonvaledaily123

    My wiki

    May 18, 2013 by Dragonvaledaily123

    I have recently made a new wiki, coelrath wiki. It is a role playing wiki. The only users there are me and my friend who doesn't know the first thing about wiking. I would appreciate if you guys came over to expand the wiki. The URL is

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  • Dragonvaledaily123

    Dungeon Guide

    March 17, 2013 by Dragonvaledaily123

    I said I'm leaving the wiki... But not until one last blog post!

    Intro: The dungeon is a mid-game biome. To get in kill skeletron. Overview: You're probably like "oh I have 400 health, the dungeon isn't worth crap". No. Spikes, casters, wheels, and skulls will chip away till you die. Of course, it's well worth it due too the awesome loots. My opinion is that a spear works wonders. I'm lazy so I'll write the rest later :D Skeletron: Meh. Some people are like "100 jp and a blowgun" and some others are like "GOD DANGIT MY FULL MOLTEN DOESN'T DO CRAP" My first kill was with a minishark. I think that a good arena and some shruikens are the way to go though. Loot: Awesome. Plenty of great spells, the muramasa, blue moon, and a variety of mid game…

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  • Dragonvaledaily123


    March 12, 2013 by Dragonvaledaily123

    It's been 1 year since I've contributed to this wiki. I'm here to say bye. Life at home is just too stressful and I'm going to stop using my wikia account. Bye. ;(

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  • Dragonvaledaily123

    Reporting this to gain MOAR Attention, if you haven't seen the original, check it out. I included chapter 5 (EoCs) fight for fun.

    One day, in the mystical land of terrarium, ancient evils spilled forth into one lone Dirt Block. The grass became purple. The corruption was born. Back in the mighty city of aquilom, a messanger gave a report to the king of strange floating creatures and a strange purple grass that had infected the world. The king sent 2 brave warriors to stop the evilness. There names were bob, and Tom.

    After a long day of trekking, Bob and Tom stopped for a rest. They fended off a few demon eyes and set up camp. "I think we should sleep in shifts" said bob. Tom agreed. In the middle of the night a horrible rumbling appeared whi…

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