Ever thought terraria needed a little more npcs? Well this is my answer! (please note this is an idea.)

This mod idea sounds good. What is it?

Basically, it would add large cities made of a tannish brick. There will be 2 hostile mobs above ground anD one neutral. The neutral one is the worker. They expand the city and go mining. If you kill them, they will drop all the ores they mined. Or you could buy the ores. If you kill them, the taskmasters will be pissed. They are like armored people with whips. They will attack you if you kill a worker. If a worker is slacking off, the taskmasters will whip them. If whipped there is a 25% chance it will join the rebellion. If they join the rebellion, they will run to a secret hideout. If you follow them, they will ask you if you want to join the rebellion. If yes, the rebels will give you money, weapons and tools BUT taskmasters will become hostile. If you click no, nothing happens. If the rebels kill all the taskmasters, the city will be the same, just with no rebels or taskmasters.



Workers don't do much. They will mine ores and smelt them. There a 3 types of worker. One is the miner. You can purchase copper ore, iron ore, silver ore, and gold ore. When turned into rebels, they will be the only place in the game where you can get a sharpened pick. The 2nd kind of worker is the builder. They have an unlimited supply of city bricks and city brick walls. They expand the city. When rebelled, they have a hammer and chisel, a new weapon that'll be explained in the items section. The 3rd kind is the blacksmith. They purchase ores from miners and sell them in the form of bars. When rebelled, they will carry pokers. Drops: Miner: random pick, money, ores. Builder: city brick and city brick wall and money. Blacksmith: bars, poker, and money. Rebel miner: random sharpened pick, money, ores and bars. Rebel builder: random broadsword, city brick, city brick wall, and money. Rebel blacksmith: poker, bars,and money. Health: 70 Rebel health: 100 Damage: explained in items section


They lumber around, attacking workers when they slack off, and fight rebels. They look like an armored human with a whip. If all killed, they will not respawn. Drops: A heap of money, whip, and gel. Health: 250 Damage: once again, explained in items.

the big answer..

Turns out, the city is actually the uppermost part of the dungeon! Meaning only 1 will spawn per world!


You've all surprised me with all the comments! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do the items section. :/ sorry. But look forward to it soon!