I said I'm leaving the wiki... But not until one last blog post!

Intro: The dungeon is a mid-game biome. To get in kill skeletron. Overview: You're probably like "oh I have 400 health, the dungeon isn't worth crap". No. Spikes, casters, wheels, and skulls will chip away till you die. Of course, it's well worth it due too the awesome loots. My opinion is that a spear works wonders. I'm lazy so I'll write the rest later :D Skeletron: Meh. Some people are like "100 jp and a blowgun" and some others are like "GOD DANGIT MY FULL MOLTEN DOESN'T DO CRAP" My first kill was with a minishark. I think that a good arena and some shruikens are the way to go though. Loot: Awesome. Plenty of great spells, the muramasa, blue moon, and a variety of mid game weapons. Water bolt is one of the best loots, and blue moon is pretty much invincibility above ground. Strategy: It's easier to get lost than you think, so bring a magic mirror. Try a good ranged/melee strategy, (I prefer ball of hurt and leftover shruikens from skeletron). Try to be thorough, and watch out for spikes. Mobs: Most of these are minor annoyances, but the ones to look out for are dungeon guardian:P angry bones, and caster guys. Flails and spears are great for keeping them at a safe distance. Recommended stuff: Now, there's a lot of views, but I killed skeletron with shadowscalearmor, shruikens, and a ball of hurt. Of course, you could substitute with a good spear and bow, but this is what I prefer. THAT'S IT!! Good bye terraria wiki... :(:(:(:(;(;:(;(;/(:(;(:(;(:(:(;(:(/(:;(;(;