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Chapter 1

One day, in the mystical land of terrarium, ancient evils spilled forth into one lone Dirt Block. The grass became purple. The corruption was born. Back in the mighty city of aquilom, a messanger gave a report to the king of strange floating creatures and a strange purple grass that had infected the world. The king sent 2 brave warriors to stop the evilness. There names were bob, and Tom.

Chapter 2

After a long day of trekking, Bob and Tom stopped for a rest. They fended off a few demon eyes and set up camp. "I think we should sleep in shifts" said bob. Tom agreed. In the middle of the night a horrible rumbling appeared which woke bob and Tom up. The corruption had spread to there camp and a huge tear appeared in the world. It ripped the ground apart and made an insanely deep pit. Tom and Bob stood, dumbfounded.

Chapter 3

They decided to venture into the deep chasm. After fighting several eater of souls they heard a deep rumbling. It sounded like a giant worm but it was slightly louder. A thing ripped out of the ground. It was like a giant worm but it was much longer, purple and slimy and had a humongous eyeball topped with serrated teeth. They inflicted good wounds with there gold swords but it healed as fast as they damaged it. In they end they resorted to a couple of grenades they had purchased from a Demolitionist. Finally it dropped to the ground, dead. They then noticed the walls were made of a darkish purple stone. There gold picks did almost nothing. Then they saw a glowing evil orb of darkness. They observed the evil looking sphere until Tom gathered the courage to approache it with a hammer...

Chapter 4

Tom hit the shadow orb sharply. A jagged purple crack opened up. He swung again. This time it exploded with dark energy, and something covered in purple things popped out. They scraped it several times. It revealed a slender wooden object with a hole in the top. After much experimenting, they figured out how to use the musket. They walked deeper into the corruption, placing torches every few steps. Then they saw an altar made of stone and bone. Suddenly 10 lenses that bob was carrying flew out of his pack. On the unholy altar, the lenses combined into what looked like an eye. It was very suspicious. Tom suggested that they get out of there. They did. But then, the eye rose up into the air and somehow created an evil looking symbol...

Chapter 5

"Holy..." Gasped Tom. They heard a huge noise. "BLAGGRRRRHHHH!!!!!!" A huge eye exploded out of the chasm! Bob and Tom scattered, running for their lives. At a safe distance, Bob fired arrows into the huge eye, Tom gathered his courage and CHARGED! The eye shot little demon eyes from it'S SCARY MOUTH, then Tom brutally leaped onto the eye, showering it with a flurry of stabs from his golden sword. Seeing his chance, Bob leaped onto a nearby eater of souls. It squirmed and convulsed under him, but it eventually gave in and approached the eye. Meanwhile, Tom was not doing too well. He was slammed off into the ground. But then Bob, riding his eater of souls, drew his superior spear, and stabbed. The eye squirmed, then it's iris decayed and hit the ground. Underneath, was a huge mouth...


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