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    Claws 2.0

    July 5, 2011 by Dragovia

    Hey guys, so on my last blog I came up with the ideas of claws gauntlet things. A really awesome person gave me a few ideas. His ideas were to make the talons of the claws teeth from monsters. So I came up with new ideas aswell.

    Here are the basics from the last blog. Fast then a broadsword, but stronger then a short sword. That is all. So here we go.

    So, like the awesome person said, teeth or claws should drop from monsters, and we can use that to craft. So like this:


    Copper Claws.

    Copper Bar x 10

    Worm Tooth x2*

    • =Should drop from giant worms.


    Hellfire Claws.

    Bone Serpent Tooth x 10

    Demon Talon x 10

    Hellstone Bar x20

    So, the up and down keys are useless unless you are using the gravity potions. I think for each tier of claws there c…

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  • Dragovia

    Stupid idea, but, a weapon I would like to see in the game are claws. Claws are weapons, kind of like Katars, but it's a gauntlet with two-three small blades attaxhed to the knuckle area. Kind of dumb, but...I guess you could dual weild? A little less thes Broadswords, but rare to craft. Like...

    Hellfist Claws-Claws made from the fire of hells, with obsidian blades.

    Demon Claws x20(A drop that could drop from demons.)

    Obisdian Arrowhead(Item craftable from Obsidian?) x20

    Hellstone Bar x40

    Kind of sucky, but I'll improve it.

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