Hey guys, so on my last blog I came up with the ideas of claws gauntlet things. A really awesome person gave me a few ideas. His ideas were to make the talons of the claws teeth from monsters. So I came up with new ideas aswell.

Here are the basics from the last blog. Fast then a broadsword, but stronger then a short sword. That is all. So here we go.

Crafting the Claws

So, like the awesome person said, teeth or claws should drop from monsters, and we can use that to craft. So like this:


Copper Claws.

Copper Bar x 10

Worm Tooth x2*

  • =Should drop from giant worms.


Hellfire Claws.

Bone Serpent Tooth x 10

Demon Talon x 10

Hellstone Bar x20


So, the up and down keys are useless unless you are using the gravity potions. I think for each tier of claws there could be an abilty, using a combanation of the UP and DOWN keys. Each one of the tiers will have one, and the hittest will hit more and stronger. Some tiers will have more the one ability.(^= up v= down). The only way to get the abilty is to have a rare book drop from a monster. They also use Mana.

Copper-Slice n' Dice- Hit an enemy four times, extremly fast.(^ v ^ v)

Iron-Uppercut of Blades-Hit and enemy and drop them into the ground, hits twice(JUMP ^ ^ v v v)

Silver-Heart Breaker-Target the enemy's weak point and uppercut it and destroy it. Low chance of hitting, Hits once. (^ ^ ^ v)

Gold-Blood Sheder- Stab the enemy insanely fast, then uppercut. Hits 6 times (v v v v v v ^)

Demonite-Demon Edge-Grab the enemy, throw him into the ground, and then fly into the enemy. Low chance of hitting, hits 3 times, instant kill. (^ ^ ^)

Meteor-Falling Star. Jump and fly into the ground at terminal velocity. Damages player because you catch fire, hits 2 times. ( JUMP v v v)

Jungle-Jaguar- Slam the enemy into the ground and claw at it. Hits 6 times ( ^ v v v v v)

Necro-Eternal Darkness-Dash at the enemy while spinning in high speeds. ( Must have Necro Armor or Hermes boots equipped) Hit once, (With Necro v v v ^ v) (With Hermes start dashing and then v v v ^ v)

Molten- Dante's Cyclone- Spin like a Cyclone till your mana runs out. When jump, it will slow down your falling speed. (^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^)

With Dante Cyclone and Hellfire Claws eqquiped you can preform all the abilites.

I think the abilities are dumb, but you guys might like it.