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  • Dratini17

    Mod Ideas. (End Game)

    April 17, 2012 by Dratini17

    This is extremely unorganized for now. It is a vauge concept. I will be posting a much more clear one later.

    Our hero has conquered the 3 beasts of the Earth, raided the depths of the Dungeon, mangled the terror of The Underworld with his might, awakenening the powers of Light and Darkness, which he used so valiantly to destroy the reborn beasts and gain complete dominance over his world.

    But now, we face a new chapter.. Pandas! (Just kidding)

    So in my opinion, this planet is pretty worn out. I haven't myself tried the Reborn mod, not sure what that adds.

    The only thing left I can thing of is a Sea Boss.

    So yeah, remember Cthulu? I sure do. He was speculated as a 1.1 Boss, but that never played out. He just remains a sketch of a long gone artis…

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  • Dratini17

    I'm here ('Bout time!)

    April 17, 2012 by Dratini17

    Well it's about time I'm present on this wiki!!

    I've been really inactive (no derp! really inactive. like, super inactive.)

    So, I've decided if you need anything, you can add my NEW skype account null.cakes.

    Please put a valid reason in your contact request and I will respond as fast as I can (yep!)
    I'm really nice, and I'll be pretty much willing to help with ANYTHING. Yep, anything. Help editing, show me your mod ideas, ask me how to upload, etc.

    So yeah. I'm here to help (for once!) so if you need anything feel free to add me.

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  • Dratini17

    Did a 1.1 Image Dump...

    December 1, 2011 by Dratini17

    Did a image dump, and found some stuff that I didn't see in the trailer at all.

    I don't know if anyone has seen these, but here goes.

    There is a lot more, but I want to go play the game now :P

    If you want, here is the image dump.


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  • Dratini17


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  • Dratini17

    Hey fellow terrarians, I've added a few new templates to specify certain stubs:

    I've also added these:

    If you are an admnistrator and know how to make more and think one needs to be made, please create one!

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