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    How to defeat the Wall of Flesh in Console version without any friends. Most of the time you just run across a platform shooting the WoF.

    • Full set of Molten Armor (For the Defence)
    • Sharanga  (Changes all arrows into Spectral Arrows)
    • Spectre/Rocket Boots (For the Flight)
    • Cloud in a Bottle/Balloon (For the Double Jump)
    • Arrows (Any type)

    1st: Build a flat brigde in the Underworld made out of wooden platforms. It should be about 700 blocks long.

    2nd (optional): Reforge your accessories to have either the Warding or Menacing prefix. Reforge the Sharanga to have the Unreal prefix.

    3rd (optional): Get and Ironskin Potion for increased defence, and an Archery Potion for increased ranged damage.

    Drink any potions you want, then rop the Guide Voodoo Doll into the la…

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