How to Defeat the Wall of Flesh (Console Only)


How to defeat the Wall of Flesh in Console version without any friends. Most of the time you just run across a platform shooting the WoF.

Recommended Equipment

Getting Ready

1st: Build a flat brigde in the Underworld made out of wooden platforms. It should be about 700 blocks long.

2nd (optional): Reforge your accessories to have either the Warding or Menacing prefix. Reforge the Sharanga to have the Unreal prefix.

3rd (optional): Get and Ironskin Potion for increased defence, and an Archery Potion for increased ranged damage.

Defeating the Wall of Flesh

Drink any potions you want, then rop the Guide Voodoo Doll into the lava to spawn the WoF. Run backwards on the platform using the Sharanga to shoot the top half of The Hungry. Shoot the eye on the top, jumping if neccessary. The Wof should be dead before the end of the platforms.