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  • Dzylon

    It's a skin takeover ad that turns the skin into an animated (!) Old Spice ad. I encountered this four times in a row while browsing the wiki, after which it was switched out for a regular, non-animated skin takeover ad. It's particularly bad because of our transparent background, making it virtually impossible to pay attention to the page (to be clear, the area behind the content area was completely animated).

    I always block ads on Wikia, so I was surprised to see things had gotten this bad. I don't appreciate our entire content area being turned into an ad - if one thing is sacred, that's it. In light of this, I think we should get rid of our transparent article background, and instead use an opaque, white background. Any thoughts?

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  • Dzylon

    Mobile Terraria recently hit the iOS App Store! The game costs $5 in the US store, half of its PC price. Terraria iOS is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above, iPod Touch 3rd generation and above, and all iPads. You can get it here.

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  • Dzylon

    Bot Flag

    April 27, 2012 by Dzylon

    As administrator Gracey91 has officially retired from the wiki, I have taken up an AutoWikiBrowser bot to replace his Pywikipedia bot. The bot, aptly named Dzylon's Bot, would be mainly used for modifying categories across the wiki, or performing other tedious tasks. This post is for my bot flag request. Due to the rapid editing rate of many bots, a bot can easily overwhelm Special:WikiActivity and Special:RecentChanges. A bog flag hides a bot's edits from those two lists. As the AWS is semi-automatic, rather than fully automatic, it is essentially impossible for bad edits to be published without my noticing. Also, the bot is not to be used as a sock puppet.

    The bot would be mainly used for edits such as this or this. Community consensus is…

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  • Dzylon

    1.1.2 Image Dumps

    March 22, 2012 by Dzylon

    I've decided to upload the 1.1.2 images for those who want them. There are two versions, both in .zip format for ease of use.

    • Compiled. This folder contains each and every source image file in a single directory.
      Link =
    • Organized. This folder contains every source image file, divided into fourteen directories.
      Link =
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  • Dzylon

    Fan Art Page

    March 13, 2012 by Dzylon

    Due to the rapid expansion of the Terraria Fan Art page, it was recently locked. The following changes have been proposed in order to help keep the page orderly and organized:

    • Decrease gallery image size so that there are four to five images per row, instead of three.
    • Divide the page into three sections:
      • Traditional Media, for paintings, drawings, and complex synthetic images (ex: here and here)
      • Terraria Creations, for structures and in-game pixel art (ex: here)
      • Paint Creations, for simple computer generated images/sprites (ex: here and here)

    In addition to this, another matter has arisen. Several images such as these have been added to the page: File:Terraria - I am Doctor Bones,.JPG

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