As administrator Gracey91 has officially retired from the wiki, I have taken up an AutoWikiBrowser bot to replace his Pywikipedia bot. The bot, aptly named Dzylon's Bot, would be mainly used for modifying categories across the wiki, or performing other tedious tasks. This post is for my bot flag request. Due to the rapid editing rate of many bots, a bot can easily overwhelm Special:WikiActivity and Special:RecentChanges. A bog flag hides a bot's edits from those two lists. As the AWS is semi-automatic, rather than fully automatic, it is essentially impossible for bad edits to be published without my noticing. Also, the bot is not to be used as a sock puppet.

The bot would be mainly used for edits such as this or this. Community consensus is needed for bot flag approval, so please offer any opinions or concerns you have in the comments section below.

DzylonTalk04:03:41April 27, 2012