Due to the rapid expansion of the Terraria Fan Art page, it was recently locked. The following changes have been proposed in order to help keep the page orderly and organized:

  • Decrease gallery image size so that there are four to five images per row, instead of three.
  • Divide the page into three sections:
    • Traditional Media, for paintings, drawings, and complex synthetic images (ex: here and here)
    • Terraria Creations, for structures and in-game pixel art (ex: here)
    • Paint Creations, for simple computer generated images/sprites (ex: here and here)
In addition to this, another matter has arisen. Several images such as these have been added to the page:

File:Terraria - I am Doctor Bones,.JPG

Do these images classify as fan art? In essence, they are standard game sprites augmented with text using It is yet to be decided whether or not images like these are to be allowed on the page.

To summarize, the following questions are being asked:

  1. Should the changes mentioned above be implemented? If not, how would you like to see the Fan Art page formatted?
  2. Should images similar to the four I posted be allowed in the gallery?

Please give concise responses supporting your stance regarding one or both matters.