This blog will be about how to add photos to the wiki and at the end I'll give some brief examples of how to add those pictures to pages.

Uploading Photos

So first thing that you will need to do is to get to the photo page. You can do this by going to any page that has the wiki's navigation bar along the top. You'll need to go under On the Wiki (should be selected by default) and click Photos (shown inside the red box in the image below). AddingPhotos0

Once you've gotten to the photo page you'll need to click on the Add a Picture button (shown inside the red box in the first image below) just under the navigation bar. By clicking on the Add a Picture button a new menu should appear. On this new menu you will need to click the Choose File button (shown inside the red box in the second image below) which will bring up the normal file navigation menu. Once you have chosen your file in the navigation menu you should be brought back to the menu shown in the second image. To submit your photo you need to click the Upload photo button (shown in the blue box in the second image below) and your photo will then be added to the wiki with the url followed by whatever your file's name was. AddingPhotos1


Adding Photos to Pages

So now that you have added your photo to the wiki you can now add those photos to pages. The basic format for a photo (using source code) is [[File:AddingPhoto0.png]]. By replacing "AddingPhoto0" with the photo's name and ".png" with the file's format (these can be found by looking at the file's name on the wiki or at the url).
To set the photo's

  • alignment you can add |right (replace "right" with either "center" or "left" as needed)
  • width you can add |700px (replace the number with the desired width).
  • height you can add |x100px (replace the number with the desired width).
  • link you can add |link=Guide which will link to the Guide's page when the image is clicked (replace "Guide" with the desired location)
  • description you can add |text which will add text when hovering over the photo (replace text with desired message)[1]

The images above are displayed using [[File:AddingPhotos0.png|650px]]

I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please leave a comment below.


  • Page width with the current format is 660px so anything over that will generally not be displayed (or may overlap with the sidebar which is against the TOS)
  • You can add |thumb to a photo which will add a default border and sets the photo to align right. This is good to use when you want the description[1] to show below the photo.

Thanks to Juper0 for some additions to the blog.