Enzeru Kagai

aka Enzeru

  • I live in Hell
  • My occupation is Psychotic Demon Boy
  • I am Male
  • Enzeru Kagai

    Opening: Hello everyone, I'm Enzeru Kagai, Lord of Terraria's Firey Underworld. But enough jokes, I'm here on serious business. I've read this wiki several times over for this, that and the other thing for help on what to do where to go next how to do this and that and it gets rather confusing. For an example, I had found a Demon Altar and didn't know what it was for several days because it wasn't in a Corruption area and no where near Ebon Stone or other such things. On that note, this is completely open. I have not mastered Terraria and openly welcome help, this guide is to help us all survive and get to the high tiers. If people could add pictures I'd appreciate it, I dont have the ability to do so personally, and any corrections put in…

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