So far since I bought the game, Terraria, 4 days ago, I have been playing it all the time. I have a lot accomplished and I'm still getting stuff! The game is amazing and I'm trying to get some cool, unique, and awesome looking armours, weapons, and other items. I just found my dungeon on my main world and I need to make a spawn so I can kill Skeletron when I can summon him. I will be raiding the dungeon and then I will probably go back on my adventure of finding an underground jungle shrine, It's taking forever to find one! I will also be trying to find some more... Shadow orbs? I believe, so I can get some Meteors to fall so I can make some weapons with it. I haven't really been in the underworld yet since I just got my obsidian skull today, so I might be trying to get into the underworld today as well. I'm also in need of some more demonite bars for some armour/ weapons. I will be trying to get all of this done today and I will also be on the Terraria Wikia quite a bit as well. Well, I'll make another entry possibly later today or tomorrow!

-Even Real