• Exdrmm

    cross neckalce needed

    May 5, 2012 by Exdrmm

    hello, i am looking for someone to help me kill hardmode bosses farm stuff and maybe give/ sell me a cross neckalce if interested post here

    i'm onliny for about anothr hour and a half now if you would see this and want to help me with any of the things

    hamachi network:



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  • Exdrmm


    If you are reading this could you please give me some tips on how to defeat my first hardmode boss i have gotten full adamnt armor but not like these awesome weapons lik idk a megashark etc.

    i would really like to have help cuz at this part i'm stuc kat the game i did tho get a kill on the twins due to a spawning glitch whereon ly one of the eyes spawned and i made a harp

    any hints? please put them down here

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