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    May 7, 2012 by Exshooter101

    Hello ladies and gentlemen and etcetera, this blog is to inform anybody reading this that I will no longer be making any mod ideas on this wiki. Instead, I will be taking off to the Terraria Fanon Wiki. Fear not, I will still go on the chat at times. So if you want to read more of my imaginative ideas, go to the Fanon Wiki (Terraria Fanon Wiki). Alternatively, you can just google search "Terraria Fanon Wiki" and that should bring you to the website. So anyway, I'll see you guys next time on the chat!

    -Exshooter101, Master of Universes

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  • Exshooter101

    Hello Guys and girls, here's another AWESOME Biome Improvement idea for you to drool over. It's the Atmosphere this time. I prefer to call it the Atmosphere since you will die in Outer Space :/

    Anyways, TO THE POINT!!!!

    When you reach the top of the Atmosphere(The usual Height Limit), you will enter the Ozone Layer(OL). It is basically a new layer such as the Underground Dirt layer/Rocky Dirt/Stone Layer. When you enter the OL, the background will change. The sun appears to be the same size but the moon is bigger. If you attempt to enter the OL without a Hazard Suit, you will get the Hypothermia Debuff (See Snow Biome Additions) and a Air Bar will appear like when Underwater.The Bar will deplete twice as fast. If the Wall of Flesh has not been …

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  • Exshooter101

    Hello fellows, and yup, it's another Biome Idea. Seem to be on a Biome Rampage :D This time it's a Jungle Biome! Please leave a comment on whether I should do Outer Space or Corruption for my next blog post. Thanks!

    Moving on, here are some mobs to start off the idea.

    1. Jaguar: Aggressive mob, spawn rate higher at night. Drops Leather.
    2. Jungle Leech: Small, aggressive mob that spawns in water. Can exit water. Will leap towards players when they approach. Will do no damage and die on impact but will inflict the Leeched Debuff.
    3. People Muncher: Looks like a normal Jungle Tree but when approached will grow a Snatcher-like mouth from the trunk and begin attacking the player. To kill it the mouth must be killed and then the trunk. Killing the trunk bef…

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  • Exshooter101

    Hello again ladies, gentlemen and etcetera, and here is another blog post by yours truly. I apologise for the lousy Class Ideas on my previous blog post, but I was having a creative block :(

    Anyway, getting to the point, this is a blog about the Ocean Biome. I'm sure you have all read my Snow Biome blog, and I decided to make another biome the target of my ideas. The Ocean Biome, for a biome that spawns on the edge of a map, is not exactly dangerous or fun. Yeah sure, Sharks, Jellyfish and Crabs. But for those of you who are interested in marine life, I'm sure you will be thinking "Aw, why is there so little stuff in the Ocean?" This blog will solve your problems :)

    Now when generated, the ocean will have randomly placed Stone Blocks on the …

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  • Exshooter101

    Hello guys and bringing you another game improvement idea(I know, I have a lot), is me, Ex! As usual, this is not a mod, just an idea by a Terraria Fan.

    This idea focuses solely on the Snow Biome introduced in Terraria 1.1.1.Currently, the Snow Biome is dead, no new mobs or whatever. So here are some idealistic improvements I have in mind.

    1. Moose: Passive but turns Corrupt on a Blood Moon. 30hp and 1def.
    2. Arctic Wolf: Neutral mob(does not attack unless provoked). 60hp, 20dmg, 5def. Spawn Rate doubled on Full Moons. Drops Fur.
    3. Killer Whale/Orca: Spawns in water in Snow biomes. Aggressive mob. 290hp, 80dmg, 20def. Drops Blubber.
    4. Frosty Scout: Aggressive mob, 100hp, 40dmg, 18def. Drops Snow Blocks.
    5. Snow Golem: Looks like a 2x3 area of Snow. Will begin…

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