Hello Guys and girls, here's another AWESOME Biome Improvement idea for you to drool over. It's the Atmosphere this time. I prefer to call it the Atmosphere since you will die in Outer Space :/

Anyways, TO THE POINT!!!!

The Ozone Layer

When you reach the top of the Atmosphere(The usual Height Limit), you will enter the Ozone Layer(OL). It is basically a new layer such as the Underground Dirt layer/Rocky Dirt/Stone Layer. When you enter the OL, the background will change. The sun appears to be the same size but the moon is bigger. If you attempt to enter the OL without a Hazard Suit, you will get the Hypothermia Debuff (See Snow Biome Additions) and a Air Bar will appear like when Underwater.The Bar will deplete twice as fast. If the Wall of Flesh has not been defeated, you will take 9999 damage if you attempt to enter it. If a Meteorite falls while you are in the OL, you will take 100dmg regardless of defense and get the On Fire! debuff.

Ozone Layer Mobs

*All damage is rendered without armor

  1. Meteor Heads: Spawns in groups of 6-10 when a meteorite lands while in the OL
  2. UV ray: Spawns only above Snow Biomes when you are in the OL. Comes down quickly like a Star and does 100damage. Cannot be destroyed.
  3. Radiation Harpy: Glowing Harpy that has Harpy AI. Will shoot out small green orbs that shoot towards players as fast as a Rainbow Rod projectile. Projectiles and RH itself have 50% chance to inflict Radioactive Debuff on contact. Both do 50dmg. 200hp. Drops radiation feathers.
  4. Berlic Recon Ship: Small spaceship with low spawn rate that will avoid players and occasionally fire a laser at them. Lasers do 45 dmg and Ship does 30. 250hp. Drops 1 Radio Piece.
  5. Berlic Assault Craft: Medium sized spaceship that will avoid players like Recon Ship but will bombard them with a barrage of lasers from time to time(every 5 seconds). Lasers do 50dmg and contact does 30. 325hp. Drops Berlic Laser Minirifle(2%)
  6. Berlic Fighter: Small spaceship that flies towards players, firing lasers as it goes. Lasers do 45 dmg and contact does 40. Drops Thrusters(1%)
  7. Berlic Leviathian: Large Spaceship that is stationary but will continuously fire lasers with a fast cooldown(0.5 sec cooldown) Lasers do 60dmg and contact 55dmg. 600hp. Drops a Stable Neptonium Core. Rare spawn rate.

New Atmosphere Mobs

  1. Wyvern Fawn: Smaller Wyvern with same AI. Has only 500hp, is slower and does only 50 dmg. Spawns even before Hard Mode. Drops 1 Soul of Flight. *Note that Wings require a Mythril Anvil to be crafted*
  2. Soaring Elemental: Small Birdlike-Creature that spawns in groups of 2-5. Does 35 dmg, has 50hp and moves very fast.
  3. Stalker Bird: Nearly transparent mob that will shoot out near-transparent feathers. When damaged will turn a dark blue and feathers will be blue as well. 100hp, feathers do 40dmg and contact does 30dmg. Drops Feathers.
  4. Berlic Recon Ship: See Number 4 above. Spawn rate is even lower in Atmosphere but everything else is the same.
  5. Rayacite Shard: Small Glowing crystal that will attempt to attack the player by moving in quick short bursts. Does 20dmg. Spawns in a swarm of 40-70 during a Rayacite Explosion. Has 30hp and drops Rayacite.

New event----Rayacite Explosion

If you have an Unstable Neptonium Core in your inventory during a Blood Moon and are in the Atmosphere, a Rayacite Explosion has a 50% chance of occurring. A Rayacite Explosion is a explosion in the Atmosphere. It will occur within 40 blocks of the player. Any mobs, including the player, inside the explosion will take 300 damage. After a Rayacite Explosion, Rayacite Shards will spawn in a swarm of 40-70 around the epicentre of the blast. Normal Mobs will not spawn due to the sheer number of Rayacite Shards that have spawned. If a Rayacite Explosion occurs, the Unstable Neptonium Core will be gone from your inventory. The explosion does not destroy blocks.

Invasion----Crusher Fleet

Fun fact: The Crusher Fleet is the elite hostile disposal team of the Berlic Kingdom.

Summoned with a Unstable Neptonium Core. The UNC will explode and the player will die. No blocks will be destroyed and no items will be lost. Hardcore players WILL respawn, but just this once.

The Crusher Fleet spawns in 6 waves. If a player dies while fighting, he/she must restart the wave(Not the whole invasion)

Vilethorn will not work against any Crusher Units

Wave 1(Scout Wave)

7 Berlic Recon Ships. Ships do not drop Radio Pieces

Wave 2(Low-Risk Combat Wave)

2 Berlic Assault Craft and 4 Berlic Fighters. Ships have normal drops.

Wave 3(Medium-Risk Combat Wave)

4 Berlic Assault Craft and 5 Berlic Fighters. Ships have normal drops.

Wave 4(High-Risk Combat Wave)

1 Berlic Leviathan, 4 Berlic Assault Craft and 7 Berlic Fighters. Berlic Leviathan does not drop Stable Neptonium Core.

Wave 5(Hostile-Dawn Wave)

2 Berlic Leviathans, 5 Berlic Assault Craft and 4 Berlic Fighters. Berlic Leviathans do not drop Stable Neptonium Core.

Wave 6(Hostile-Dusk Wave)

1 Berlic Eradicator, 1 Berlic Leviathan and 6 Berlic Fighters. Berlic Leviathan does not drop Stable Neptonium Core.

Berlic Eradiactor


Shoots lasers at an extremely fast rate(30dmg)

Shoots a missile once every 4 seconds(70dmg)(Does not destroy blocks)

Spawns a Berlic Fighter once every 10 seconds.

Drops a Bombardier Launcher on death.


The Crusher Fleet is defeated when all Berlic Ships have been destroyed. The last Ship to be destroyed will drop 8-20 Greater Healing Potions and a Laser Rifle.

Armor----Hazard Suit

Helmet: 3 Glass, 1 Soul of Sight, 10 Silver Bars and a Meteor Helmet. Worn in Vanity Slot.

Suit: 1 Ruby, 1 Soul of Light, 20 Gold Bars and a Meteor Breastplate. Worn in Vanity Slot

Pants: 2 Amethyst, 1 Soul of Night, 15 Copper Bars and Meteor Greaves. Worn in Vanity Slot

Set Bonus: Players will be able to enter the Ozone Layer without getting the Hypothermia Debuff. Note that if the Wall of Flesh has not been killed, players will still explode when entering the Ozone Layer.


Bombardier Launcher: Fires R-12 Missiles. Very Fast speed, 10dmg. Tooltip: Berlic Wrath!

R-12 Missile: Used as ammo for the Bombardier Launcher. Crafted from 1 Grenade and 1 Wire at a Mythril Anvil. 60dmg. Tooltip: KABOOM!

Rayacite Rapier: Crafted from 50 Rayacite, 1 Mythril Sword, 20 Crystal Shards at a Mythril Anvil. Fast Speed. Gives off bright blue light when swung. 67dmg. Tooltip: Vader got nothing on us!

Berlic Laser Minirifle: Insanely Fast Speed, 10dmg, 4mana/shot, shoots red lasers. Tooltip: Does anyone know this is stolen tech? <------- If ya get what I mean :) Mecha Biome Ideas

Other Items

Unstable Neptonium Core: Crafted from a Stable Neptonium Core, 20 Hellstone Bars and 1 Meteorite Bar. Used to cause a Rayacite Explosion or summon the Crusher Fleet. Tooltip: Fragile!

Rayacite: Dropped by a Rayacite Shard. Used in some crafting recipes. Tooltip: Shocking to the touch!

Radio Piece: Used in crafting of a Radio. No tooltip

Thrusters: Used in crafting of Hover Boots.


Radio: Allows players to use F1-F8 to issue Party-wide text-commands. Crafted from 5 Radio Pieces at a Mythril Anvil.

F1----Follow me!



F4----Good Work Team!

F5----Careful, might be a trap.

F6----Need Help here!

F7----Hold Position.

F8----Heal up.

Rayacite Core: Enables players to triple jump. Crafted with 40 Rayacite and a Cloud in a Bottle.

Hover Boots: Crafted with Thrusters and Rocket Boots at a Tinkerer's Workshop. Allows players to use mana to propel them upwards instead of having a time limit on the boost of Rocket Boots. (Old Rocket Boots style)

New quotes

"I hear there is life in Space."---Guide

"Have you ever wondered about whether there is life among the stars? Yeah, me neither."---Arms Dealer

"I wouldn't go into the Ozone Layer if I were you..."---Guide when player is not wearing a Hazard Suit.

"Hey, how much you offering for that firecracker there?"---Demolitionist when player is holding an Unstable Neptonium Core.

"I can see the stars moving at times. It is proof that the Divine Beings of Re-Logic exist!"---Dryad

"Wonder if any aliens would like to sell us some ultra-technology?"---Mechanic

"I vaguely remember something about a Rusher Feet"---Clothier