Hello fellows, and yup, it's another Biome Idea. Seem to be on a Biome Rampage :D This time it's a Jungle Biome! Please leave a comment on whether I should do Outer Space or Corruption for my next blog post. Thanks!

Moving on, here are some mobs to start off the idea.

New Mobs(Surface)

  1. Jaguar: Aggressive mob, spawn rate higher at night. Drops Leather.
  2. Jungle Leech: Small, aggressive mob that spawns in water. Can exit water. Will leap towards players when they approach. Will do no damage and die on impact but will inflict the Leeched Debuff.
  3. People Muncher: Looks like a normal Jungle Tree but when approached will grow a Snatcher-like mouth from the trunk and begin attacking the player. To kill it the mouth must be killed and then the trunk. Killing the trunk before the mouth will result in the mouth dying but not dropping loot. The trunk drops wood and the mouth drops coins.
  4. Stalker: Is nearly invisible when not taking damage. When damaged it will show itself and start emitting a green light similar to Jungle Spores. Inflicts Confused. Spawns only in Hard Mode.
  5. Elven Ranger: Shoots arrows at the player. Arrows have a chance to poison when they hit you. Drops 5-10 Poisoned Arrows.
  6. Jungle Guardian: A spinning ball of vines. Spawns when Corrupted mobs or Meteor Heads enter the Jungle. Will charge towards Corrupted/Meteor mobs and explode on contact, doing 50 dmg. Will not attack players but will still explode on contact with them and damage them. Cannot be killed. Can go through walls.

New Mobs(Underground)

  1. Stalker: Read No. 4 above.
  2. Centipede: Small Burrowing mob that will do 40dmg regardless of defense. Will die instantly upon taking damage.
  3. Sentinel: Spawns near Jungle Shrines. 50% chance to Entangle on contact. Drops 0-1 Vines.
  4. Wasp: More HP and damage than a Hornet and does not shoot projectiles. Drops a Stinger, Insectoid Helmet(3%) or Insectoid Chestplate(3%). Inflicts Poisoned.

New Boss----Tree Beast


Summoned by chopping down a Tree of Life.

Jungle Leeches will have 1.33 times higher spawn rate.


  1. Ancient Defense: Summons a Jungle Guardian. The Guardian will float around randomly and not chase after the player.
  2. Overgrowth: Summons damaging vines out of the ground similar to the Vilethorn
  3. Tree Cannon: Shoots out Poisoned Grenades.
  4. Nature Keepers: Summons 2 Jungle Guardians, 3 Sentinels, 2 Elven Rangers and a Wasp. Used only when below 2000hp. All enemies pursue the player.
  5. Fist of Nature: Slams the ground, summoning 5 Jungle Guardians. Slam will inflict Confused. Jungle Guardians WILL pursue the player. Used at 1500hp.
  6. Plant Dispersion: Used at 0hp(death). Shoots out Jungle Mud Blocks randomly. Wasps will spawn where the blocks land.

Trees of Life

A Tree of Life is a Jungle Tree that is made of Gold. A Tree of Life will spawn only on Blood Moons. There can only be one Tree on the world at once. When it is cut down during a Blood Moon, a Tree Beast boss will spawn. If it is cut down on a normal day/night, a Demon Altar will spawn near the original Spawn Point and the Tree will drop several Gold Bars.

New Armor----Insectoid Armor

  1. Helmet: 3% Drop Chance from Wasps. 6 defense and prevents poisoned Debuff.
  2. Chestplate: 3% Drop Chance from Wasps. 7 defense and increases player attack speed by 10%
  3. Greaves: 20 Stingers, 1 Vine, 5 Vile Powder and 15 Jungle Spores at an Anvil. 7 defense and Player Jump Height increased to 9 blocks.
  4. Set Bonus: Hornets will not attack the Player unless attacked first.

New Debuff----Leeched

Causes Players to lose 1HP/s and movement speed over a period of 2 minutes. Can be cured by the Nurse.