Hello again ladies, gentlemen and etcetera, and here is another blog post by yours truly. I apologise for the lousy Class Ideas on my previous blog post, but I was having a creative block :(

Anyway, getting to the point, this is a blog about the Ocean Biome. I'm sure you have all read my Snow Biome blog, and I decided to make another biome the target of my ideas. The Ocean Biome, for a biome that spawns on the edge of a map, is not exactly dangerous or fun. Yeah sure, Sharks, Jellyfish and Crabs. But for those of you who are interested in marine life, I'm sure you will be thinking "Aw, why is there so little stuff in the Ocean?" This blog will solve your problems :)

Ocean Generation

Now when generated, the ocean will have randomly placed Stone Blocks on the sand. Also, there will be no end to the ocean. At the point where the ocean usually ends, the floor will start ascending and you will find yourself on the other side of the map. Meteorite landing in the ocean will also not hurt the player on touch. Seaweed will grow on sand and can be harvested with any tool/weapon.


  1. Dolphin: Spawns in groups and will not attack unless attacked. --Thanks to Mathmagician for the idea.
  2. Jellyfish: Now all 3 types of Jellyfish will spawn: Blue, Pink and Green(Hardmode)
  3. Moray Eel: Will spawn on sand blocks. Similar to a Clinger/Snatcher/Man Eater, only the head will damage you and if the block it is tethered to is broken, it will not drop loot but die. Drops Eel skin.
  4. Spotted Octopus: Moves like Jellyfish but movement is much faster. When taking damage will release Black Ink which inflicts Blinded Debuff. Drops Black Dye.
  5. Blue Octopus: Movement same as Spotted. But will release Poison Ink which blinds and poisons. Also has higher hp. Drops Black Dye.
  6. Stonefish: Looks like 2x1 area of stone. When approached it will start swimming towards you. Can posion players and drops Poison Bombs.
  7. Mako Shark: Smaller than a normal Shark but much faster. Drops shark fin.
  8. Tiger Shark: Slightly bigger and faster than normal Shark and does more damage. Drops shark fin and Flipper (2%)
  9. Great White: Bigger, faster and does a LOT more damage than a normal Shark but has a 10% chance of dropping Diving Helm(as compared to 2%)
  10. Merfolk: Similar to the Merfolk the Neptune's shell transforms players into. Can come out of water but speed will be halved. Drops Conch Shell (5%)
  11. Stingray: Does no damage when touched and but will inflict poisoned debuff. Swims extremely fast towards players. --Thanks to LumpZ for the idea.
  12. Water Demon: Does no damage to players but will drag players down into water, eventually drowning them. Cannot be hit by ranged/mana weapons. Can be countered with Neptune's Shell.

New Boss----Poseiden


Summoned with a Conch Shell while submerged underwater

Will flee if player moves out of Ocean Biome(does not include Outer Space biome).

Has two hands, one which is holding his trident and a bearded head. Takes damage as a whole entity.

Does 2x damage if player is in water.


  1. Thunderstorm: Summons a HUGE rain of water from the sky.(No damage, just messes up the place)
  2. Trident Slash: Swings his giant Trident around, trying to hit you. (30dmg)
  3. Tidal Wave: Shoots out several balls of water that release 5 blocks of water on impact. (20dmg)
  4. Sea Battalion: Summons 10 Merfolk and a Great White(in water)which come from off-screen.
  5. Titanic Wrath: Summons a spinning ball of water that chases after the player. Goes away after 30 seconds. The ball cannot be damaged. Used only when below 1500hp. (40dmg)
  6. Disaster: Used when on 100hp. Summons a streak of lightning from the sky. The lightning bolt has a 100% chance of hitting you for 80dmg. Inflicts Blinded and Thunderstruck.

Drops the Ship Sinker spell when killed.



"Human, you dare disturb me?"

During Battle:

"Why don't you drown your sorrows?"

"Get out of the sea, you defiler!"

"CHARGE!" (When Sea Battalion is used)

Below 3000hp:

"Why do you persist?"

"You will not taint the beauty of Terraria!"

Below 1500hp

"Feel the wrath of the sea!"



On death:



When fleeing:

"Your trick does not work, coward!"

Aquatic Armor

Helmet: 20 Eel Skin, 5 Shark Fins, 20 Seaweed and 1 Black Dye at Anvil. 6 defense and +20% breath in water.

Chestplate: 35 Eel Skin, 10 Shark Fins, 30 Seaweed and 3 Black Dye at Anvil. 9 defense and +30% speed in water.

Greaves: 30 Eel Skin, 10 Shark Fins, 25 Seaweed and 2 Black Dye at Anvil. 8 defense and allows swimming in water.


Ship Sinker: Summons a Lightning bolt at the cursor when used. Uses 18mana and does 50dmg.

Poison Bomb: Similar to grenades but will also poison on impact.

Seaweed: Heals 50hp


Blinded: The screen turns foggy for 15 seconds, player moves in the opposite direction for 10 seconds and light vision is decreased for 30 seconds. (Basically Confused, Darkness and super dusty screen combined)

Thunderstruck: Player takes damage at 3hp/s and unable to move for 6 seconds.