Hello guys and bringing you another game improvement idea(I know, I have a lot), is me, Ex! As usual, this is not a mod, just an idea by a Terraria Fan.

This idea focuses solely on the Snow Biome introduced in Terraria 1.1.1.Currently, the Snow Biome is dead, no new mobs or whatever. So here are some idealistic improvements I have in mind.

New Mobs

  1. Moose: Passive but turns Corrupt on a Blood Moon. 30hp and 1def.
  2. Arctic Wolf: Neutral mob(does not attack unless provoked). 60hp, 20dmg, 5def. Spawn Rate doubled on Full Moons. Drops Fur.
  3. Killer Whale/Orca: Spawns in water in Snow biomes. Aggressive mob. 290hp, 80dmg, 20def. Drops Blubber.
  4. Frosty Scout: Aggressive mob, 100hp, 40dmg, 18def. Drops Snow Blocks.
  5. Snow Golem: Looks like a 2x3 area of Snow. Will begin attacking player when approached. 150hp, 35dmg, 22def. Drops Snow Blocks.
  6. Elf: Neutral Mob, spawns in Hard Mode. 250hp, 60dmg, 25def. Always drops a Present and rarely a piece of the Hero Set.
  7. Snow Angel: Spawns on Blood Moons. 220hp, 30def. Inflicts Guilt Debuff when killed and Hypothermia Debuff when touched. Does no damage directly.
  8. Corrupt Moose: Spawns on Blood Moons. 160hp, 35dmg, 15def. Drops Antlers. Antlers can be crafted into Horn Spikes with 1 spike and 2 Antlers. Horn Spikes do the same thing as spikes, except they will damage mobs and NPCs as well.


Three new Debuffs are

  1. Guilt: Player Movement and attack speed -10%. Lasts 10 secs
  2. Hypothermia: Player Movement Speed -20% and loses 2hp/second. Lasts 20 secs
  3. Festive Mood: Caused by ringing the Normal Bell 10 times. Player speed +20% and Health Regen Rate doubled.

Miniboss----Frost Dragon


Summoned with a Frozen Heart in a Snow Biome at Daytime.



15 defence

Flys towards players like the Reborn Mod Phoenix.


  1. Frost Breath: A Flamethrower style attack that inflicts Hypothermia(50%). 35dmg. This attack is used when the Dragon is flying around.
  2. Swoop: The dragon starts gaining altitude, and after 3 seconds, it will charge towards the player extremely quickly. Cannot be used if the player is above the dragon. 45dmg.
  3. Snow Bomb: The dragon will chase after the player, always flying above him/her, dropping Snow Block-like bombs which will detonate on contact with the player or a solid block. On detonation, the bombs will hurl snow blocks in random directions. The actual explosion does 45dmg.


On death, the Frost Dragon will drop the Frost Breath Spell or Freezing Wings, 10-25 Healing Potions and a random piece of the Santa set.

Frost Legion

If the Frost Legion is summoned in the Snow Biome, the snowmen will arrive without any delay. Also, a new snowman, the Big Bomba, will appear during the fight. The Big Bomba throws grenades similar to the way a Snow Balla throws snow blocks., has 280hp and 20defense.

New items

Frost Breath: Uses 5mana, inflicts Hypothermia 50% of the time and does 35dmg.

Freezing Wings: Same as normal wings but will leave a cosmetic trail of snow behind them.

Frozen Heart: 1 Life Crystal, 40 Snow Blocks and 1 Obsidian at a Demon Altar. Used to summon a Frost Dragon.

Fur Coat: Worn in the Social slot to provide immunity to the Hypothermia Debuff. Requires 30 Fur at a Loom.

Blubber: Dropped by Killer Whales/Orcas. Heals 60hp and provides immunity to Hypothermia Debuff for 2 minutes.

Hope you guys think this is good, it is mostly what I have always wanted in a Snow Biome :P