there should be a voodoo doll for the cyborg and steam punker npc in the game that can be combined to make a voodoo doll named "the evil within" and this doll would be used to summon a giant cyborg boss named bionic terror

the new features

+ the boss's chest will be in the background of the terraria world with his arms and head lying in the physical layer(front)

+ the right arm of the giant cyborg will be a machine gun and the left arm will be a spiked fist holding a sword

+ the arms of the boss will be able to shoot off and attack the player

+ the left arm can get stuck in the ground enough damage is done to the rocket that appears on the back when launching

+ the head of the boss will shoot lasers out of its eyes and has a flame thrower in its mouth

+ when any part of the cyborg is broken the other two get stronger and the missing part begins to spark

+ after all three limbs are broken the chest will open and if the core isn't broken in enough time the limbs will rebuild but with less health depending on how much damage is done to the core

+ after the core is broken the chest of the now deactivated boss is broken and has fallen over and cyborg soldiers will spawn from the chest and from the east and west sides in 6 waves

+ only the cyborg soldiers drop loot

+ the cyborg soldiers will drop chronotainium

+ chronotainium will introduce a new brand of weapons, tools, armor, and wings

+ one of the two new voodoo dolls will drop from the lizard temple golem boss

+ when a cyborg is killed they will drop (1-3) chronotainium shards

+ it takes 3 chronotainium shards and 2 nanos to make a chronotainium bar

+ after the plantera boss is killed a new biome is made called "the bionic" which is similar to the hallow and corruption/crimson with its own brand of enemies

+ in the bionic there should be generators that can be broken which spawns bionic ore patches in the bionic biome which introduces new weapons, armors, and wings

+ there will be a new type of nanos that are used to make high voltage bullets which applies the electrified buff

+ the new type of nanos are overcharged nanos which can be combined with the empty bullet to make high voltage bullets

+ the electrified buff freezes the player or enemy in place and zaps them dealing medium amounts of damage

+ any thing made with bionic bars will be electric themed


+ Robotic soldier

+ Robot Trapper

+ it can hold down player and applies the water candle buff until destroyed

+ Robotic Paladin which can shock the player with electric Spear or Sword.

+ Robotic archer which can Shock the player with the Shock debuff.

+ Robotic sniper which always attack from long range and may stun you with a close range dagger

+ there will be basic copies of normal enemies but robot themed