This section is primarily for making Mod Ideas! Please do not delete mod idea's of other people, but you may contibute to it, as long as it fits with the style of it.

Basics of Posting a Mod Idea

In order to post a mod idea, you need it organized. First things first, sort it under what it belongs in. For example, if your mod idea is called Mo' Guns, sort it under "M". If it is called 2012 Mod, sort it under "#". If it called +Bosses, sort it under "Symbols".

Now that you have your name and location, you need to have it sorted. The heading for the main sorting (#, A, B...) is Heading 2. The name of your mod idea must be sorted under Heading 3. Next, you split it down even further, as Heading 4. Split it as: Enemies (or Hostile Creatures), Bosses, NPCs (or Passive Creatures), Tools, Magic Weapons (uses Mana), Ranged Weapons (uses Ammunition), Melee Weapons (requires only the weapon itself, like boomerangs), Armors, Accessories, Vanity Armors, Hybrids (make it reasonable, like do not mix Weapons and Armors, any Hybrids should be label under Hybrids, and not something like "Hybrids: Swords and Spears"), "Functions" (Health, Mana, Chests, Crafting Stations...), Blocks, Explosives. If this is missing anything, please add it.

Now you have split everything, time to start writing! It is highly reccommended that you often copy your mod idea because that, if you publish it, you don't have to sacrifice their work for yours, and then you can just add your work to what there was recently added, and everybody is happy! If you feel the need, put a picture of your item/block. Just make it a picture of it, in-game or just a sketch, and make sure it is decent. Please put no information on the picture, for that is to be written.

Make sure you explain your idea in detail. If it is a tool, make sure you put your pickaxe/axe/hammer power on it, swing speed, damage, stuff like that. Don't forget to include if there is a specific biome (and if so, what?), and, if a boss, how they are summoned. Be organized so that it can be easier to find your creation. Have fun making a mod idea! Be creative, don't copy an idea of someone almost exactly! ;)



Basic Information

+Explosives is basically a mod that adds... you guessed it,EXPLOSIVES! It adds new explosives never heard of such as XZ156 and old favorites like TNT. It also includes vanity items and guns!



Explosion power (blocks destroyed):5

Damage: 5


Explosion power: 15

Damage: 10


Can control where it goes

1 allowed to stack

Explosion power:0

Damage (to players): 75

Vanity Items:

-Dynamite Armor

Sold by: Demolition guy

Description: If you wear this,you have an EXPLOSIVE personality.

Can detonate if any explosion goes of near this.

-Cancer Stick

Sold by:Merchant

Description: Make sure not to light yourself on fire,Slim!

Ranged Weapons

-Elephant gun

Ammo explodes 2 blocks





Basic Information

Description: The world is somewhat peaceful. You and your friends are completely happy with the world the way it is. But now, something has happened! The world is being massively changed! New beings are being unleashed! The Terrarian universe is coming together with other universes! It is up to you and your friends to defend Terraria! What will happen? What will you see? How long will you last?

Allowing the mod to take effect: Sure, pre-hardmode can be tough! Hardmode can be even tougher! But how does this mod start up? You must have defeated each of the 3 hardmode bosses; The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime; multiple times! When you are ready, you must combine the following: Soul of Sight x200, Soul of Might x200, Soul of Fright x200, Soul of Flight x10, Soul of Night x5, Soul of Light x5, Soul Masher (New mod item) x1. This will create the Sa'eual, a boss summoner. Since the Sa'eual is so expensive, you get to keep it forever. This summoner will spawn a new mod boss, Pauax. After defeating Pauax, you will enter Post-Hardmode, starting the mod.


1. Pauax

Look: Giant, pitch black bald eagle,

HP: 150,000 (Body), 700,000 (Head), 75,000 (Per Wing), 1,000,000 (Total)

To Defeat: Take out either both wings, head, or body (advised).

Summoner: Sa'eual

Damage: 80 (Melee), 70 per shot (Spike Shot) 40 per shot (Feather Attack), 160 (Beak Dive)

Defence: 15 (Body), 70 (Head), 55 (Per Wing)

Coins Dropped: 24 Gold (Taken out by killing body), 8 Platinum (Taken out by killing Head), 1 Platinum (Taken out by killing both wings)

Items dropped: Pwndrax x1 (100%), "1 of the following (100%): Wings of Pauax, Accessory Pot, Kaatanaa", Wooden Enchantment Table (90%).

AI Type: Pauax Head AI (Head), Pauax AI (Body), Pauaxe Wing AI (Wings)

Other Information: Pauax's 3 special attacks are all done in different ways. In order for Feather Attack to work, Pauax must have both wings, and have a total of 950,000/1,000,000 HP. Feather Attack shoots 8 feathers, each dealing 40 damage. After "unlocking" feather attack, his pattern becomes Melee x3 > Feather Attack. He will not regenerate wings unless summoned again, at which time he must not be present. Next, Pauax unlocks Spike Shot shortly after at 925,000/1,000,000 HP. Spike Shot comes out of the body. Each spike deals 70 damage. His pattern turns into Melee x3 > Feather Attack x2 > Spike Shot. Last and DEFINITELY not least, Beak Dive. This attack does an extraordinary 160 damage, but occurs once Pauax has 700,000/1,000,000 HP, at which time he may already be dead. At this time, his pattern is Melee x3 > Feather Attack x5 > Spike Shot x10 > Beak Dive x3. Pauax must also be summoned in the Desert.


1. Wooden Enchantment Table

Function Type: Enchantment Table (Allows reforging for a cheaper cost)

Cost Reduction: 10%

Dropped By: Pauax (90%)


1. Accessory Pot

Tooltip: An accessory for accessories!

What does it do?: The Accessory Pot extends your accessory limit. First, you must kill Pauax, and hopefully get this pot. If you get it, you first place it down. When you open it, it will have a 3x3 storage grid. You put any 9 accessories in it (nothing else will work), and then break it with a hammer. If you equip it as an accessory, you will get the effects of all you put in. The pot can be upgraded in storage (when empty), and may not hold other accessory extenders, or something that alters your appearence in any way (for example, wings).

Dropped by: Pauax

2. Wings of Pauax

Tooltip: We heard you wanted better wings!

What does it do?: The Wings of Pauax are a better version of Angel/Demon Wings. It appears as 1 wing as a black Angel Wing, the other as a white Demon Wing. The wings also have a flight time 2x longer than the Demon or Angel Wings.

Dropped by: Pauax

Melee Weapons

1. Kaatanaa

Tooltip: Like a ninja!

Use time: 9 (Insanely Fast)

Base Damage: 52 Melee

Rarity: Tier 6 (Purple)

-"Automatic" Sword (can hold down the mouse button to continuously swing)-

-Size = Breaker Blade x1.06-

Critical Strike Chance: 1%

Knockback: 1

Dropped by: Pauax

Boss Spawners

1. Sa'eual Spawns: Pauax

Specific Location?: Yes, Desert

Specific Times?: No

How many times can this be used before losing?: Infinite


1. Pwndrax ( As in: Pwn = Pwnhammer, Drax = Hamdrax)

Pickaxe Power: 225%

Axe Power: 175%

Hammer Power: 90%

Use time: 12 (Very Fast)

Critical Strike Chance: 2%

Rarity: Tier 5 (Magenta)

Base Damage: 37





Gods/ Godesses Mod

The only aspect that this would add to the game is that you would be able to pray at a mod station (Mod item) and depending on your karma (Mod status) you would please or anger some gods.

Angered effects

Forest Fires- loss of wood but could be put out by rain.

Tornadoes- Typical tornadoe. They varry in size

Tsunamies- Like a flood but dierect contact with the wave would be Instant death (Can destroy blocks)

Fire Tornadoes- Same aspects of tornadoes but fire (can be put out by rain or going over a water pool/pond/lake)

Dart storm- Where +500 poision darts fall from the sky.

Smite- like a lazer beam in "Fus-RO-Dah" Form (will kill you no matter what)

Pleased effects

Given a potion- Any (better karma better poition)

Given a Pre-Hardmode peice of armor

Given some type of Pre-hardmode bar/Ore (6-29)

GIven a Free Npc to follow you around untill you have a house for them.

Given a stack of random blocks- Anything from dirt to diamonds!

Karma would be found out by a calander(mod item) That you would have to check to see what mob not to kill that day (Such as Monday- Do not kill Mimics,Bunnies,Jungle slimes, or Bats)

You would have to pray everyday because you would startout with a prayer table.











Rideable Animals/ Tameable Animals

You can Tame animals by the plants that would be growing in their biome (i.e Camel would be fed catus because it would be found in a desert.)

You could make them wear armor or spiked armor that they could attack/defenc with.(i.e Armor would be your armor +/- because of the animals size so the amount of bars would wary.) Spiked armor would defence and attack to their stats.

Pack animals (Such as pack-horses) would have extra Inv space.

The way wou could controll them would be before you would be able to tame any animals you would have to craft a Animal Command Remote ( 8 iron bars 4 wire) wich would let you choose you to make them do almost anything from staying to blocking you from foes.