Hi, this is a 12 part story I'll be working on

Inspired by Terraria Story :)


I was only 5 when my family was captured and I was the only one to escape the corruption. (10 years later) "Bye, Wolfie". I headed outside to look for monsters and treasure chests, I found a shackle, 3 potions and a Enchanted Boomerang. I killed some Zombies, Demon Eyes and Soul Eaters. I went back inside and my Wolf was sleeping or so I thought. He was dead, I found a note saying "Dear FireBlade, We are about to ambush your house". - The Monsters. I looked outside to see Zombies, Skeletons, Soul Eaters, Demon Eyes and EOC. Just as I was about to grab my sword something gold appeared and my dog got up and looked up at me as if nothing happened. I saw another player jump down from the trees and killed the monsters, I got my sword and went outside. EOC was still there he was trying to attack the other player but missed. The player killed EOC. "What's your name, kid?" "My name is FireBlade and your name is?" I asked. "TerrariamcSwaggins." I was going to ask him what type of armor he had as it was an armor I'd never seen. The ground started shaking...