Finally after a bunch of blog posts and asking for help, My brother, Snowpeapult is helping me. So, the series is well back I guess?

I heard rumbling coming from the ground and a worm-like creature emerged from the dirt. "Umm, what is that?" I asked. "That's the Eater of Worlds and you should probably start upgrading your armor." "Umm, why?" " You only have Copper Armor." "I saw a guy beat the twins with no armor." I replied. "Hmm." "Well, get your sword out and help me kill this thing." "Ok, and what does it do?" "It digs in the ground then flies straight up." "Oh..." " Wait, this thing killed my wolf!" I got my Night's Edge and started slashing at the worm-like creature shortly afterwards I killed the Eater Of Worlds. "Umm, where did you get that Night's Edge?" "Oh, this?" "Yeah..." " A zombie dropped it, he was using it as a weapon." I went to my house and got on my tablet and I found something called Shadow Armor and I had enough resources to make it. After, making the armor I heard an ominous buzzing sound coming from outside. Swag was making a bowl of soup and I decided to investigate the sound. " What the heck is that?"

End of Part 2